Wreck-it Ralph Party – Sugar Rush Dessert Table {Part 2}

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #desserts

Whooho for Part 2! Sharing the rest of our super awesome Wreck-it Ralph party today. The Sugar Rush dessert table. Side note, here’s part 1 of the Wreck-it Ralph party.

For those of you who haven’t watched Wreck-it Ralph, Sugar Rush Speedway is a racing game but based in a land where everything and pretty much everyone is made of sweets. That’s my kind of game! I tried to recreate the feel of the race. From the paper lollipops and candy in the grandstands to the awesome little race cars. In the Sugar Rush clouds are actually cotton candy clouds, donuts are police men and oreos are solders that guard King Candy.

I hope you enjoy my take on a Sugar Rush dessert table. Details & Vendor info below.

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #dessertsWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #wreckitralph #desserts

Dessert Table Details

I am so fortunate to work with an amazing group of vendors – seriously amazing. Their work literally floors me. So let’s start with the cake! I found a gorgeous picture of a rainbow petal cake on pinterest & sent it to my sweet & uber talented butter-cream friend Kathi from My Sweet Things. Not only are Kathi’s cakes a work of art, they are incredibly delicious and the only cake my kids request for their birthdays. Kathi whipped up this beautiful rainbow petal cake.

My son, Jad, also requested a Ralph sitting on top of his cake. Maria from Love & Sugar Kisses created the most amazing fondant Ralph! He looks absolutely perfect sitting on top of that rainbow cake holding a little pie. Maria is so talented. I just love her. She also created those yummy gold chocolate covered oreos with Wreck-it Ralph characters on top. Ins’t Fix-it Felix so cute? On a side note, I have to set aside one chocolate covered oreo for mama to enjoy the day after the party with my coffee. Yum.

Don’t you just love the Ralph inspired Fondant toppers by Lynlee’s Petite Cake? I am so grateful that Lynlee took time out of her super busy schedule {if you didn’t know she’s working on her first book, can’t wait to get my hands on it!} to create these cupcake toppers which featured: Sonic, Ralph, Vanellope, Cherries, Sour Bill, Qubert and lots of other Ralph-tastic movie icons. Brittany, from Edible Details created the most amazing fondant hero medals, hammers & humongous pies! I just love how real her toppers look. The detail on the medals is incredible!

Let’s take a minute to talk about the Sugar Racers Sugar Cookies by Sandy of Firefly Confections. Seriously Amazeballs! The detail on her cookies is astounding. So intricate and such a work of art, I literally have a hard time eating her cookies. Not because they aren’t super delicious it’s because they are so incredible, too pretty to eat.

The darling “You’re My Hero” Sugar cookies were created by Deb from Yummy Delicious Cookies. Deb is so so so sweet and her cookies are beyond delicious. My kids {and I} just love them.

My sweet friend Stacy from She’s Kinda Crafty added some awesome to the Sugar Rush Dessert table. She created the “Start / Finish” Line. I just LOVE the glitter card stock and was honored she said she added the glitter just for me. Giggle, she knows me well. Glitter makes everything better. The race cars look so good on the yellow felt racetrack next to the starting line!

In addition to all the above the dessert table also included: rainbow jello, oreo cheesecakes and cotton candy cupcakes. So what’s my favorite part of this dessert table? I have to say it’s the paper oreo’s protecting the chocolate covered oreos. I swear, sometimes I only do things to make myself laugh and I found this hysterical.

As always, thank you thank you thank you to my incredible photographer & friend Lauren. She captures everything so perfectly and makes me look good. Thank you Lauren!

Vendor Credit || Dessert Styling & Paperie: Deliciously Darling || Photography: Lauren Nicole Studios || Rainbow Petal Cake: My Sweet Things || Fondant Ralph & Chocolate Covered Oreos: Love & Sugar Kisses || Sugar Rush Racers & Ralph/Felix Sugar Cookies: Firefly Confections || Fondant Cupcake toppers: Lynlee’s Petite Cakes || Fondant Pie, Metals & Hammers: Edible Details || Heart Sugar Cookies: Yummy Delicious Cookies by Whimsical Originals || Start / Finish Line: She’s Kinda Crafty || Confetti Forks: Sucre Shop || Chocolate Covered Oreo Pedestals: The Pastry Pedestal || Gold Doilies: Knot & Bow || Race cars: Disney Store || Brick Paper: Michaels ||


  1. That cake, OMGosh! Again, out of this world details by one of the greatest party stylist I know. xoxo

  2. Lovelovelove. SO colorful! I was afraid the cake was too bright, but it was perfect! <3

  3. This is just too much for me to handle. Lynlee and Maria killed it, as usual. Sandy blew it OUT. And, you my dear, are amazing.