Wreck It Ralph Birthday Party {Part 1}

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

I’m Gonna Wreck-It! So excited to share part 1 of my son’s Wreck-it Ralph Birthday party with you all today. My son Jad, whom we joke is “Jad the Distroyer” loves to wreck stuff. Lego buildings don’t stand a chance when Jad’s around. So when we went to see “Wreck-it Ralph” in the movie theaters I instantly knew Jad would want a “Gonna Wreck-It” birthday party. Sure enough, a few months later he asked mama for both a Ralph & Sugar Rush birthday party.

What I love about the Wreck-it Ralph movie is there is so much inspiration to pull from: The Fix-it Felix Jr Game, Game Central Station, Sugar Rush and Bad Anon where just a few of the elements I brought to life. I hope you enjoy the pictures and details below.

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling


My son equally loves Fix-it Felix Jr & Ralph so I wanted the tables to reflect that. My inspiration came from the Fix-it Felix Jr Game. Lots of reds {for Ralph} and Blues {for Felix}. The building centerpieces were created to look like the Nicelander’s building that Ralph wrecks every game. Each building had 40 little di-cut windows & doors. The centerpieces were finished off with large blue balloons and amazing custom balloon tassels from The Flair Exchange. I love the shades of blue, gold, white & red in the tassels. They really brings the colors together perfectly.

Each plate had a bright blue bottle of Fix-it Pop. The labels & printables were created by Piggy Bank Parties. Not only are they a joy to work with but Team Piggy Bank is incredibly talented. They took my “vision” and perfectly turned it into reality. The Felix bottle labels are my favorite! Let’s talk about the custom cutlery by Sucre Shop! I seriously squealed when the “Gonna Wreck It” forks & spoons arrived. Custom cutlery just makes any event that much better. 

Game Central Station 

In the movie, Game Central Station is the terminal in which game characters can go from game to game. I really wanted to kids to feel like they walked into Game Central Station. We have Tappers, the root beer float game complete with actual root beer floats. I just love the Tappers stickers!

Next we have Bad Anon. In the movie the bad guys go to a Bad Anonymous meeting where they say their pledge & talk about taking it one game at a time. Chairs with Ralph, Saitine {aka Satan}, Zombie & Zangief were set up around the ridiculously awesome Bad Anon poster by Piggy Bank Parties! Seriously, it’s amazing. I actually laughed during the party when I noticed that some of the kids came over and just started hanging out in “Bad Anon”.

All the sweet Sugar Rush characters make an appearance in Game Central Station. For more Sugar Rush cuteness you have to check back tomorrow when I’ll be sharing the whole dessert table set up.


Since Jaddy’s birthday is in the summer we always go with a water party. The kids had the most amazing time playing in the various pools, water tables & huge inflatable slip n’ slide. Mama had to fight the urge not to slide down with the kids. They had such a blast.

The kids also had fun with the homemade Wreck-it Ralph game. I wrapped 8 large boxes with Brick paper then added windows and a door. Using Ralph hands, also from the Disney Store, the kids wrecked the building. They had a blast trying to see if they could knock the building down with one punch. It was a fun activity.

The kids also had a chance to sit down & craft a little. Cardboard hearts with string, that resemble the “You’re my Hero” necklace from the movie, were decorated with stickers, glitter and crayons. It’s a fun and inexpensive craft.


Each kiddo took home their very own gold bucket that contained a Sugar Rush plush, gumballs, skittles & a lollipop. I actually sprayed the buckets gold and then added a little gold glitter because everything is better with glitter. *wink*. The buckets were finished off with a Sugar Rush inspired label that says “Everyone Loves an Adorable Winner”. As for the stand all the favors are on – it used to be green, fast forward 3 cans of spray paint later – it’s gold & glittery & perfect.

Vendor Credit: || Event Planning, Invitations, Wreath, Styling: Deliciously Darling || Photography: Lauren Nicole Studios || Printables: Piggy Bank Parties || Tassel Garlands: The Flair Exchange || Wreck It Cutlery: Sucre Shop|| Plates & Napkins: Petite Party Studio || Straws: Waiting on Martha || Inflatable Slip n’ Slide Rental: Astro Events || Brick Paper: Michaels Craft Store

Sugar Rush Sneak Peek

I really hope you enjoyed part 1!!!! Part 2 is all about our Sugar Rush inspired dessert table! Until then I’ll leave you a little bitty sneak peek of the cake – just wait till you see the whole thing. {Cake is by My Sweet Things and Ralph topper by Love & Sugar Kisses.}

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #cake #wreckitralph


  1. Absolutely AMAZING Dina!!!!!! I don’t know how you do it! Wow, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Jad!

  2. I love this! Love! Love! Love! So clever and cute 🙂

  3. WOW Dina… I love this party! So many details and inspiration here – I can’t believe there is going to be a part TWO to this post, what could you have possibly left out : )

    I recently rented this movie from Red Box … looking at your images refreshed my memory on a lot of the small details of the movie – you’re amazing – those little stuff racers are so cute!

  4. Brilliant! Every detail is “delicious,” Dina! Adore working with you! ♥

  5. you are killing it, my friend! i actually tried to leave you a comment on the TMNT party post and it wouldn’t post for some reason, but the brilliance that comes out of you is just getting better and better. LOVE everything you do and your touches of glam and elegance that work even in a boy animation party! amazing!! love that wreck it game. SO fun! now my kid is going to want a wreck it party 😉

  6. I mean, I don’t even know what to say anymore! You are seriously freaking ridiculous! In a good way! Fab job!

  7. This is wonderful!! The sequence Jad letters are too cute and very Deliciously Darling. Each detail of this party is stunning and your son is the cutest, I’m sure he was in Birthday party heaven! xoxo


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