Dinosaur Hunter Fossil Birthday Party

ROAR! Sharing my munchkin’s Dino Hunter Party today!!! Last year my little man was obsessed with Dinosaurs and said he wanted to be a “fossil searcher” when he grew up. After seeing Gretchen’s amazing Dino Hunter Party {of 3 Little Monkey Studios} I knew that a Dino Hunter party was definatley in the cards. I wanted to stick with a neutral color pallet with some touches of gold {and lots of gold & bronze dinosaurs}. I just have to say plastic animals look so much cooler after a coat of spray paint! Ha.

Backing up a second to talk about the amazing printables by Gretchen. I can’t say enough about how awesome her printables are – from invitations, to banners, to activity page, to bottle labels, putting together this party was a breeze! Gretchen was even sweet enough to send me her fossil kit from her son’s Dinosaur party. The kids really enjoyed learning about the fossils and they couldn’t believe that some of the fossils were that old. The activity worksheet also kept them busy in between activities. The kids also really enjoyed the dino dig activity – a kit comes complete with a hammer, a chisel, brush and the dinosaur toy in a sand block. I repackaged them in kraft bio containers from Shop Sweet Lulu and finished them off with a dino hunter label. Just be warned this activity is a little messy and time consuming to dig out all the little pieces but the kids just loved it!!!!

The favor table was my favorite. I just loved how the mini mason jar favors turned out. Simply glue a plastic dinosaur to the lid & spray paint with your favorite color. I would use a stronger glue than hot glue because the dinos come of easily when using hot glue. These favor jars can be used for any theme, I’m actually making some for an upcoming safari baby shower. The favor table also included chocolate bars complete with a dino wrapper, diy linen bags filled with salt water taffy and of course kids got to take home their own dinosaurs.

Finally, let’s talk about the amazing burlap wreath! Bethany from Sweet Georgia Sweet was kind enough to send over a burlap garland & a burlap wreath complete with a gold dinosaur. I added a little straw flag from the printables to tie it all in but I just love this wreath. Thank you so much Bethany!

Huge huge huge thank you to my sweet friend Jennifer of Quench My Heart Photography who popped over to take some amazing pictures. Enjoy the pictures below & tomorrow it’s all about Dino Desserts! Roooooar!!





















Tomorrow, it’s ALL about Dino-tastic Desserts. Check out this adorable peek at the cookies by Linda of Frog Prince! Can’t wait to share tomorrow.


Vendor Credit || Event Design, Styling: Deliciously Darling || Photography: Jennifer Le May, Quench My Heart || Printables: 3 Little Monkey Studio || Burlap Wreath & Garland: Sweet Georgia Sweet || Neutral Tassel Kit, Gold Plates, Napkins, Kraft Containers, Straws: Shop Sweet Lulu|| Plastic Dinosaurs & Fossils dig kit: US Toys || Hats: Michaels Craft Store || Vest, Skeleton Dinos, Real Fossils: Amazon ||

Trick or Treat! A Kid Friendly Halloween


Hey Last Minute Mama’s!!! This October has been a whirlwind hasn’t it? Between family fall fun activities and life, I feel like this has been one crazy month. So here’s some last minute inspiration for you and your little ones. In classic Halloween Orange & Black {Orange is after all the new black}. Super simple & easy to recreate with what you have at home. I absolutely love that this whole theme was inspired by a single roll of Trick or Treat ribbon from Michaels! Love it!

Last minute mama random thoughts & tips: don’t have fabric table runner? No problem, a roll of fun wrapping paper will make the perfect runner. No time to bake cookies?! Neither did I! Loved using this cookie decorating kit from Target, complete with sprinkles & frosting. One more last minute decorating tip: pumpkins are the perfect decor item. Mini pumpkins are fab. Not only are they inexpensive but they are everywhere. You can use them to decorate kids table or as a craft activity {just add glitter glue & googly eyes}.

Hope I’ve inspired you all have a fun lil’ Orange and Black! PS: Vendor Credits & Pin-able collages below.


Vendor Credit || Dessert Styling & Paperie: Deliciously Darling || Pumpkin tree: Trader Joes || Sugar Cookies, Cupcakes, Plates & Napkins: Target || Wooden Spoons: Sucre Shop || Milk Bottles, black garland, orange chevron baggies: Shop Sweet Lulu || Trick or Treat Ribbon: Michaels || Halloween Tassel Garland: The Flair Exchange ||

Couldn’t resist adding a few p image (wink wink)



The Lego Movie Birthday Party

Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |

My son is Lego obsessed. All day, every day – Legos, Legos, Legos. After watching The Lego Movie he knew he wanted it as his birthday theme. This year we kept it simple but just as awesome! Enjoy the pictures and check out the details below.
Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |

Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |Deliciously Darling | The Lego Movie | Birthday Party |

Normally mama goes all out for Malik’s birthday party, but this year was different. We had a new baby and so it had to be an easier party to put together. Throwing a party, however small is a challenge with a 5 week old and two big brothers! Thankfully, my sweet cousin Reema was there to help me bake & set up.

Malik really wanted to have his party at Lego Land Discovery Center. Having a party out of the house is definitely easier but I didn’t want it to loose that personal touch that at home parties have. Working within their rules, I was able to come up with a fun and creative The Lego Movie inspired party.

The party room was so colorful. The tables and chairs were in bright colors so I didn’t need to add much. I opted for paper table runners. I love Targets party section. There are these rolls of wrapping paper that are $1.50 each. They are the perfect width for a table runner and come in fun colors and patterns. I used the orange diagonal  stripe paper for the tables.

I made simple center pieces using gumballs and yellow ceramic berry baskets. I added a homemade paper “Emmett” holding a flag that said “Happy Birthday Malik”. I would have loved to add some colorful balloons but balloons were not allowed in the party room.

I made lego men decals out of red glitter vinyl and put them on cute little milk bottles that I purchased from the Petite Party Studio shop. I also got the cool red plates from there. The red stripe wooden forks were from The Sucre Shop. I adore their wooden cutlery!

Finally, I added a crinkle taffeta chair sash to each chair. I have a box of chair sashes from parties past and thought, “why not”?!

The Lego Discovery Center staff was so amazing. They let me set up a little mini dessert table. The most challenging part was to keep things simple. Simple desserts and super simple decor.

In the spirit of simplicity. I made only a handful of desserts. My cousin made the delicious French vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate lego bricks. Chocolate covered marshmallows with mini chocolate lego figures, jello cups with chocolate lego figures and amazing Lego Movie sugar cookies {made by the always awesome Sandy from Firefly Confections}. Just to let you know how much I adore Sandy because she sends me texts like “I only work in black and sometimes very very dark grey”.  LOL. I heart her!

The blue butter cream cake was made by My Sweet Things. I know, swirls for a boy but I think it works so well. Malik really wanted a blue cake this year. I topped the cake with two lego movie character plastic figures {they are actually pens so “yay” for an added bonus of being useful} and a little Happy Birthday flag.

I’m a firm believer in useful favors. Each kid took home a personalized beach bucket filled with goodies. A Lego Movie sketch / sticker book, homemade lego crayons, a Lego Movie mini figure, and a pencil. I wish I was the genius who thought of the homemade lego crayons – that honor goes to Anders Ruff. They have an awesome tutorial on their site if you want to learn how to make them yourself. Warning, making lego crayons is totally addictive. I had plans on making only a few colors and that morphed into 6 colors.

I hope you enjoyed our “Everything is Awesome” Lego Movie party inspiration! Spaceships, Spaceships, Spaceships!!!

Vendor Credit || Dessert Styling & Paperie: Deliciously Darling || Photography: Lauren Nicole Studios || Cake: My Sweet Things || Sugar Cookies: Firefly Confections || Wooden Forks: Sucre Shop || Milk Bottles & plates: Petite Party Studio || Favor Buckets: Michaels || Notebook, lego mini figures, lego chocolate & crayon molds: Lego Store ||


Wreck It Ralph Birthday Party {Part 1}

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

I’m Gonna Wreck-It! So excited to share part 1 of my son’s Wreck-it Ralph Birthday party with you all today. My son Jad, whom we joke is “Jad the Distroyer” loves to wreck stuff. Lego buildings don’t stand a chance when Jad’s around. So when we went to see “Wreck-it Ralph” in the movie theaters I instantly knew Jad would want a “Gonna Wreck-It” birthday party. Sure enough, a few months later he asked mama for both a Ralph & Sugar Rush birthday party.

What I love about the Wreck-it Ralph movie is there is so much inspiration to pull from: The Fix-it Felix Jr Game, Game Central Station, Sugar Rush and Bad Anon where just a few of the elements I brought to life. I hope you enjoy the pictures and details below.

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarlingWreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling


My son equally loves Fix-it Felix Jr & Ralph so I wanted the tables to reflect that. My inspiration came from the Fix-it Felix Jr Game. Lots of reds {for Ralph} and Blues {for Felix}. The building centerpieces were created to look like the Nicelander’s building that Ralph wrecks every game. Each building had 40 little di-cut windows & doors. The centerpieces were finished off with large blue balloons and amazing custom balloon tassels from The Flair Exchange. I love the shades of blue, gold, white & red in the tassels. They really brings the colors together perfectly.

Each plate had a bright blue bottle of Fix-it Pop. The labels & printables were created by Piggy Bank Parties. Not only are they a joy to work with but Team Piggy Bank is incredibly talented. They took my “vision” and perfectly turned it into reality. The Felix bottle labels are my favorite! Let’s talk about the custom cutlery by Sucre Shop! I seriously squealed when the “Gonna Wreck It” forks & spoons arrived. Custom cutlery just makes any event that much better. 

Game Central Station 

In the movie, Game Central Station is the terminal in which game characters can go from game to game. I really wanted to kids to feel like they walked into Game Central Station. We have Tappers, the root beer float game complete with actual root beer floats. I just love the Tappers stickers!

Next we have Bad Anon. In the movie the bad guys go to a Bad Anonymous meeting where they say their pledge & talk about taking it one game at a time. Chairs with Ralph, Saitine {aka Satan}, Zombie & Zangief were set up around the ridiculously awesome Bad Anon poster by Piggy Bank Parties! Seriously, it’s amazing. I actually laughed during the party when I noticed that some of the kids came over and just started hanging out in “Bad Anon”.

All the sweet Sugar Rush characters make an appearance in Game Central Station. For more Sugar Rush cuteness you have to check back tomorrow when I’ll be sharing the whole dessert table set up.


Since Jaddy’s birthday is in the summer we always go with a water party. The kids had the most amazing time playing in the various pools, water tables & huge inflatable slip n’ slide. Mama had to fight the urge not to slide down with the kids. They had such a blast.

The kids also had fun with the homemade Wreck-it Ralph game. I wrapped 8 large boxes with Brick paper then added windows and a door. Using Ralph hands, also from the Disney Store, the kids wrecked the building. They had a blast trying to see if they could knock the building down with one punch. It was a fun activity.

The kids also had a chance to sit down & craft a little. Cardboard hearts with string, that resemble the “You’re my Hero” necklace from the movie, were decorated with stickers, glitter and crayons. It’s a fun and inexpensive craft.


Each kiddo took home their very own gold bucket that contained a Sugar Rush plush, gumballs, skittles & a lollipop. I actually sprayed the buckets gold and then added a little gold glitter because everything is better with glitter. *wink*. The buckets were finished off with a Sugar Rush inspired label that says “Everyone Loves an Adorable Winner”. As for the stand all the favors are on – it used to be green, fast forward 3 cans of spray paint later – it’s gold & glittery & perfect.

Vendor Credit: || Event Planning, Invitations, Wreath, Styling: Deliciously Darling || Photography: Lauren Nicole Studios || Printables: Piggy Bank Parties || Tassel Garlands: The Flair Exchange || Wreck It Cutlery: Sucre Shop|| Plates & Napkins: Petite Party Studio || Straws: Waiting on Martha || Inflatable Slip n’ Slide Rental: Astro Events || Brick Paper: Michaels Craft Store

Sugar Rush Sneak Peek

I really hope you enjoyed part 1!!!! Part 2 is all about our Sugar Rush inspired dessert table! Until then I’ll leave you a little bitty sneak peek of the cake – just wait till you see the whole thing. {Cake is by My Sweet Things and Ralph topper by Love & Sugar Kisses.}

Wreck it Ralph Party | #deliciouslydarling #cake #wreckitralph

St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Party Picks

Deliciously Darling | St Patrick's Day Party Picks

Valentine’s Day was yesterday and well instead of taking some down time I immediately began working on my ideas for a St. Patty’s day celebration. I love love love rainbow parties so I’m already thinking about a Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day party for my kiddos. I’ll be sharing some kids ideas as well as adult party ideas in the next few weeks. So back to Rainbows! I absolutely need those chevron paper straws in my life! Details on where to get these adorable items below:

Deliciously Darling | St Patrick's Day Party PicksWhere to buy ||  Shop Sweet Lulu: Rainbow Treat Cups, Chevron Paper Straws, Chevron Mini Treat Bags || Petite Party Studio Shop: Rainbow Balloons, Push Up Pop Containers, Milk Bottles || The Tom Kat Studio Shop: Shimmer Gumballs, Rainbow Popcorn Cups, Rainbow necklace ||

Back to School Party

Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 1

Can you believe how fast our little ones grow up?!  Not sure where the time has gone and now they are off to Kindergarten & Pre-School. Since this year is a big year for us, I wanted to celebrate Back to School time with a sweet little play date to get the boys excited about their new school.  I’m so excited to share the party details with you all {Thank you to Amy Atlas Events for recently featuring this party}

My faboulous friends at Petite Party Studio were kind enough to send over their amazing Back to School printables. I just love their creativity. They are the team behind the candy filled pencil tubes – I love how lots of back to school parties have included them in their tables this year. So cute!

Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 5

 I was fortunate to have a chance to meet the amazing Bakerella at the Amy Atlas’s Atlanta book signing. I have this huge love for baking and literally anything on a stick. Cake on a stick, even better! Just days before my party, Bakeralla shared these incredible Pencil Push-up Pops. So inspired, I attempted to create my own.

Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 3

 Just a little back story on the cake. I just LOVED the Rice Krispie Watermelon slices from Glorious Treats and created this apple rice crispy cake by modifying her recipe. I was so excited to show my son the cake. He looked over at it and said “is that a cake out of Rice Krispies?” to which I said, “Yes, isn’t it awesome?”. His response (no lie), “No mom, not so much. You want to know what’s awesome? My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and walks away. Seriously hilarious.  He did really enjoy eating it though!

Here is a picture of my little men on their first day of school! HUGE thank you to Pink Pepperment Paper for the super cool printables. I plan on using them every year until my boys graduate highschool. I’m thinking they may not find posing with signage cute when they hit middle school but I’m so going to make this happen every year. Just dreaming of my boys bright futures makes my heart happy.

Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 2

I hope you enjoyed our party as much as I did. Seeing my boys light up with delight is why I do what I do. Here are a few more pictures:

Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 3

Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 4Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 8


Event Planning & Styling, Crafting & Photography: Deliciously Darling Events
Printables: Petite Party Studio
Chevron Runner: A to Zebra Celebrations
Cupcakes: Cloud 9 
Cinnomon Letter Cookies: Trader Joes
Macarons, Jello, Pushup pops and apple rice crispy cake: Deliciously Darling Events

Little Monster Cupcakery Party

Deliciously Darling Events - LMC 10

I was beyond thrilled and very honored to be asked to be a part of Bird’s Party Magazine’s Fall Issue. I was even more excited when I found out that I was doing a children’s Halloween party. Halloween is one of my favoriate holidays. To see more of this party and so many other inspiring & amazing parties click on Bird’s Party Magazine Issue 6 below:


Inspired by the love of sweets, this Cupcake party is sure to have your Little Monsters excited. Welcome to the Little Monster Cupcakery! Here are a few more pictures of the party – I can’t wait to share more pictures with you all soon.


Thank you to my amazing & mega talented group of vendors:

Printables: Bird’s Party

Photography: Lauren Nicole Studios

Fondant work: Edible Details

Ombre Cake: My Sweet Things

Cupcakes: Jilly’s Cupcakery 

Sugar Cookies: Yummy Delicious Cookies by Whimsical Originals

Chocolate Covered Oreos: Sweet Temptations

Cake pops: Candy Cake Company

Sweet Skewers: Sweets Indeed

Custom Lollipops: Vintage Confections

Tassel Garland: The Flair Exchange

Rosanna Pedestals & Compotes: Waiting on Martha

Wooden Cutlery, Paper Straws, Plates: Shop Sweet Lulu

Linen & Chair rentals: The Rental Place