I Craft So Hard I Sweat Glitter

Deliciously Darling | Glitter Quotes | #DIY #Quotes

I’m in the process on working on lots of customer orders and crafty things but had to take a moment to stop and share my sweet little Glitter print! I get easily distracted sometimes {especially by shimmering things} so I had to stop what I was doing and just whipped this up for my studio.

Want to make one too?  All you will need is to make one of your own is card stock, Ultra fine gold glitter and Martha Stewart Glittering Glue. You can find these goodies at Michaels Craft Store. Type, Print, Glue & Glitter and you have your own crafty print.

Deliciously Darling | Glitter Quotes | #DIY #Quotes

Happy Glittering!!!

xoxo – Dina


Glitter Cake Stand {Tutorial}

Happy Crafty Wednesday! Today, I’m starting a new series of posts on Do-it-Yourself Craft Projects. I often get questions on how to make an item that is featured in one of my parties so I thought that it’s about time I start sharing some of my crafting tips & tutorials. Can I tell you how excited I am by Crafty Wednesdays!? I’m sure you guessed by the number of exclamation points!!!

Today’s tutorial, the Glitter Cake Stand, is my latest crafty creation. You won’t believe how easy it is to make one of your own.

You will need the following, all of which can be found at your local Michaels Craft Store:

– ArtMinds Wooden Pedestal {It comes painted white, how cool is that?!}
– Large Brush
– Metallic Spray Paint {that matches your glitter color}
– Modge Podge {glossy}
– Glitter

Once you have all your supplies, set up shop in a space that is okay being covered in glitter. In my case, my studio is already covered in glitter so why not add a little more?!

1. Grab your white wooden pedestal and spray it with spray paint. Remember that your paint should match your glitter color and in this case my gold spray paint matches my gold glitter.
2. Allow the spray painted  pedestal to cure. Give it a min of 3 hours to make sure the paint is on there. I know it seems dry to the touch pretty quickly but you have to cover the stand in glue so you want to give it time to cure.
3. Lay down a drop cloth or wrapping paper. I typically like wrapping paper because it is easier for me to reuse the fallen glitter.
4. Grab your gold pedestal  I know the thought is crossing through your mind that it’s pretty the way it is but fight that urge and just think how much prettier it will look glittered.
5. Apply the modge podge as evenly as you can to the base of the cake stand. Make sure you cover the entire surface before you start glittering.
6. Shake the glitter and cover the cake stand completely and let the stand dry for at least 2 or 3 hours before moving on to step 7.
7. Apply modge podge to the to top of the cake stands and the rim. There is no need to glitter the underside of the cake stand.
8. Shake the glitter and cover the sides of the cake stand and the top completely  Let the stand dry for at least 2 to 3 hours before going to step 9.
9. Shake shake shake your cake stand and make sure you get all the extra glitter off. At this point you will most likely be covered in glitter.
10. Grab a smaller brush and start filling in the areas missing glitter with modge podge and then glitter.
11. Allow the cake stand to fully dry over night before attempting to seal in the glitter.
12. If you want the cake stand to remain ultra glittery then stop here but remember if you don’t seal the cake stand then it will continue to shed glitter everywhere. I usually recommend sealing pieces that will be used year after year. {Note: The cake stand pictured in this post is not sealed.}
13. To seal the glitter, grab your modge podge and start applying to your cake stand. Make sure you spread out so that it is a thin layer of modge podge. Although modge podge drys clear, a thick glob of modge podge will not dry clear. So spread it out. {Note: Glitter becomes less sparkly when sealed.}


Disclaimer – Be smart about what you are putting on your glitter cake stands. If it is a cookie, you might not want to do that because it is directly touching the cake stand and will be covered in glitter. If it is a cupcake then you are safe because of the cupcake wrapper.

 Happy Glittering!