Styled Shoot, Behind-the-Scenes

When people find out that I’m an Event planner, decor designer & stylist they automatically think that life’s a party. Okay it is, but seriously there is a lot of running around and setting up when it comes to putting together all the beautiful little details. Today, I wanted to take you Behind-the-Scenes of a recent Deliciously Darling Events styled shoot. Before I go there, the glittery picture above was taken by my sweet photographer, Lauren of Lauren Nicole Studios. She is a genius and such a sweet friend. I brought tons of glitter to the shoot {surprise, surprise} and I asked her to take a glitter picture of me before we wrapped. I’ve seen these pics floating around Pinterest and had to have one of myself. Usually, I look like a hot mess the day of the shoot so don’t judge. Love how it turned out {Note: I edited the picture a darker so that the glitter pops!} but I’m so planning on doing it again but with more glitter next time. Recommendation: Run out and grab chunky Martha Stewart Glitter from Michaels Craft Store. Don’t attempt with fine glitter or it will end up in your eyes and you will have a glitter mustache. Trust me.

Back to the Styled shoots are a less intense then actual events, so when I get the opportunity, I jump at the chance to put together a shoot. This one happens to be for a local Atlanta events magazine. The day before the shoot consisted of my running around: last minute ribbon pick up {just in case we might need it – did we use it? no}, dessert pick ups and packing up supplies. My friends joke that the day before an event  I suit up in my “jogging” suit so I hustle around town as a work out substitute.  So true – those crates of supplies and cake stands are heavy therefore workout accomplished. Here’s a my day as a party-hustler, even my little sweet munchkin joined in the fun:

Thank you to Waiting on Martha for a couple of these awesome pics. You can follow us both on Instagram for more behind the scenes pictures! {@ddarlingevents & @waitingonmartha}

Leaving you with one more glittery fun picture! I am so having my boys & hubby do glitter pictures for our Holiday cards this year. xoxo – Dina



  1. I couldn’t agree more! Most of my professional life, people have thought oh that’s so glamorous!

    Ummm nope… I haul furniture, pick up trash, carry heavy boxes…. and look like a hot mess while everyone else is all dressed up 🙂

    • Yes Jasmine! Glad you feel me on this. I don’t ever have the time to look glamorous on the day of a shoot or event. I actually had time to slap on a little make up for this picture and still feel like a hot mess, sigh, #partygirlproblems. 😉

  2. You are such a glitter diva! LOVE it! I am soooo going to try this… have wanted to for.ever as I too have many glitter pins on pinterest… but your photo is just STUNNING! What a fabulous post and great holiday card idea for the whole fam. You go Darling Dina!

    • Hey Mary! You are the sweetest!!! Thanks for brightening my day with your email & posts. YES! I told the hubby and my photographer this morning. LOL, the hubby was not feeling it. I told him what if you stood next to the boys and I with a surprised look on your face. 😉 Hmmm, or perhaps picking out a “manly” glitter for him. xoxo

  3. manly glitter-the newest oxymoron, lol! so, yup, that pretty much sums it up. lots of schlepping. and p.s. you’re gorgeous!! 😉

    • LOL, you are hilarious. SO true though. He is pitching a fit. He said “Can I roll my eyes when the glitter is around me? How about that for a holiday card picture?”. sigh! men! Schlepping!!! that is the perfect word to describe what we do before shoots and events. You are such a sweet Elissa. I heart you!

  4. So pretty!!! Would love for these “backstage” posts to be a regular fetaure! 🙂

    • <3!!! Sweet Bird!! Thanks for stopping by love. Yes, definitely thinking of keeping up with the behind the scenes type of posts. It's all Christmas in my house - that should make a fun post. ;) xoxo

  5. You are the glitter queen! I adore the photo of you with your eyes closed… glitter supermodel!

    • Melissa, you are so so so sweet. Miss you lots and hope you are keeping some butterbeer on ice for me for the next time I visit. xoxo