Macaron Monday 2

Not every Macaron Monday is a success. Some are epic macaron failures. So this morning, I went to make a batch of French macarons. Checking off my list and following instructions perfectly right. I pulled out the macarons from the oven and splat. I dropped the pan all over the floor and oven door. When I create an epic disaster in the kitchen like that – I just have to walk away for a moment and then come back and fix it. By the time I had cleaned everything up – I lost my drive to create another batch. I’m waiting until tonight – seriously, wait till you get a load of the flavor combo I have up my sleeves. It’s gonna be good. If I don’t drop the pan on the floor again.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: Don’t give up. Sometimes the most horrific looking macarons come out of my oven. We are talking “Franken-macarons”. Not pretty or round or with perfect little “feet”. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep on trying! For every amazing pan of macarons, I have an equally horrible looking pan come out of the oven so I’m still trying to figure out the quirks to my macaron making technique.

Just a quick note: age your egg whites and hopefully you will avoid the following franken-rons below. {Thank you to Mindy from Creative Juice for the help trying to figure out what went wrong with that batch}.

Slightly off topic but I’m ending this post with a quick link to my favorite French Macaron recipe. I’ve tried a good amount of recipes and I have to say that my favorite is from Heather of Sprinkle Bakes. I came across Heather’s recipe via Sweetapolita {who actually put macarons in a cake, holy yum batman}.  Both these gals are amazing and I highly recommend running out and getting the Sprinkle Bakes book. SO pretty and the recipes are amazing.

Stay tuned for more Monday Macaron tips &  recipes. xoxo Dina


  1. LOL…Franken-rons!! thanks for letting us know you are human too beautiful lady 🙂