King Cake Pops

Can you believe that Mardi Gras is tomorrow!? Sharing a quick and easy Mardi Gras Treat – King Cake Pops! I adore King Cake. Just adore it. On a side note: I’m totally itching to try to make my own king cake tomorrow, I’m eyeing this recipe. 

To make these King Cake Pops you don’t have to bake your own King Cake. A store bought one is just fine. My kids and I love the King Cake from Publix.  Another side note: This is a great idea for King Cake leftovers!


1 – Cut the king cake into pieces & throw into your food process & pulse

2 – Scoop out the dough using a cookie scoop & roll into a ball

3 – Place cake balls into your freezer for 5 minutes. While you are doing this you will want to melt your Candy Melts per the instructions on the bag. Note: if your candy melts are thick you might want to add a little crisco shorting to it which acts as a thinning agent.

4 – Dip the end of a paper straw into the candy melts and insert in your cake pop. Let the chocolate harden a bit before you dunk in your cake pop.

5 – Cover in sprinkles & Enjoy!