Glitter Mason Jars {Tutorial}

Crafty Wednesday Time! I’m starting to look forward to Wednesdays now and sharing my little crafty tutorials. Today’s tutorial is all about glittered mason jars. I am up to my elbows in glitter & paper for a Pink & Gold wedding. The wedding is vintage + glam so glittered mason jars made perfect sense {to me}.  I know there are many ways to glitter a mason jar. Some might decide to glitter the inside of the jar, others might use spray adhesive – I like good ol’ modge podge. Check out my little tips below.


– Mason Jars  {I got mine from target but I’m sure even the grocery store sells them}
– Recollections Extra Fine Glitter  & Martha Stewart Glitter Trays {from Michaels Craft Stores}
– Modge Podge {from Michaels Craft Stores}
– Brush
– Paper tape {masking tape or washi tape works perfectly}


1. Wrap tape around jar to create the type of pattern that you want. Keep in mind that where the tape is will obviously not have glitter on it. Be creative, spiral patterns, diagonals even chevron would be so cute!
2. Cover the non-taped area with modge podge. Be sure to spread it evenly so that the glitter adheres properly. Tip: If you find that the glue is drying quickly then work in small patches.
3. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue. Tip: If you find that the glue is drying quickly then work in small patches. Adhere the glue and sprinkle glitter then move on to the next section.
4. Remove the tape while the glue is still wet. I know this against your better judgement. Resist the urge to do this and take the tape off gently when the glue is still wet. If you wait till the glue is dry as you peel of the tape you will inevitably remove some of the glitter leaving a jagged line. So for a clean line, carefully remove the tape while wet.
5. Use a damp q-tip to clean up any glue that may have gotten under your tape.
6. Let your jars dry overnight & give them a good shake to get the remaining glitter off.
7. Add flowers and pat yourself 0n the back!

The end result is so beautiful. Just think at how many beautiful little mason jars you can create and use as DIY centerpieces that you can use in a wedding, for a bridal or other special event.

Alright, back to wedding prep! I can’t wait to share more little DIY touches that I’ve put together for this wedding. I know things have been quiet on the blog this week but I’ll be back in full force very soon.