DIY Muslin Favor Bags

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

Happy Tuesday! Sharing an adorable DIY Muslin Favor Bag Tutorial. Confession: I’m obsessed with Muslin / Linen drawstring bags. Beyond obsessed really. How adorable are they? Super adorable. What can you put in them? Anything that will fit, from sequins / business cards to sweet treats and jewelry. Back to to the tutorial, today’s tute involves a paper punch but tomorrow I’ll share a few tips on how to create your own stencil for custom muslin bags.

Run to your nearest Micheal’s Craft Store &  Target to gather these goodies:

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag


–    Muslin Bags {Pick your Plum}

–    Freezer Paper

–    Martha Stewart Paint

–    Martha Stewart Glitter Glue

–    Martha Stewart Paper Punch

–    Sponge Brush



Punch & Position: Cut a piece of freezer paper and put in your punch. I found that it works best if the shiny side is down while punching. Then position your design {shiny side down} on your muslin bag.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

Iron, Paint, Peel & Glitter: Iron on the design and grab your sponge brush and start applying the paint lightly. Wipe off your brush so you don’t get big paint globs. Paint globs lead to smudges and just don’t look pretty. {Tip: for intricate designs, use a Q-tip}. Wait for the paint to dry and then carefully peel off the freezer paper. At this point you can proceed to the last step but if you are a glitter girl like me, grab your Martha Stewart Glitter glue tube and just dazzle it up a little.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

Final Step: Pat yourself on the back. You just created some cuteness.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

Stay tuned tomorrow for some Silhouette tricks on cutting custom stencils! Don’t forget to PIN THIS:

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag


  1. Love it, Dina! Thanks for sharing the how-to!

    • http://Dina says

      So sweet Do!!! Thank you so much for sharing on FB, you are awesome!!! Hurry up and move down to GA <3.

  2. These are absolutely adorable! I love the lace as a template!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.