DIY Earth Day Wreath

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled

Happy Earth Day!!! The sun is shining down here in Atlanta, the birds are chirping, the pollen count is high and well it’s a beautiful day. Here’s the back story on today’s craft {yes, there is always a back story}. This past weekend was my son’s 6th birthday party. Being the party planning mom that I am, I used every cute item in my party supply stash, including some adorable wooden spoons from the Sucre Shop. Early Saturday morning, I scooped out 24 cups of ice-cream and added the adorable light green & dark green chevron spoons. Sadly, I forgot the tray in the freezer so the ice-cream was not served at the party.  Note my fabulous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nail art below.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled Bummed that these fabulous spoons didn’t get to play at the party – I created this DIY Earth Day wreath. Created with 16 recycled ice-cream spoons, a large paper rosette I had left over from a past photoshoot, some green twine {from Waiting on Martha}, 2″ paper circle & printable that I’m offering for free at the end of the post.  Super duper easy, check out my 4 steps below!

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled

Step 1:  Using hot glue, glue your spoons together in groups of 3 to 4. Make sure to fan them out as evenly as possible. Gluing them in groups makes it easier to assemble.

Step 2: Grab your groups of spoons and start to glue them all together to form a circle.

Step 3: Grab a left over paper rosette { if you don’t have any laying around you can make one very easily by folding 3 12×12 sheets of scrapbook paper together, turning them into fans & gluing them together} and glue on a 2″ paper circle. This will serve as the base the spoon circle is glued on to.

Step 4:  Glue your spoons onto your 2″ circle.

There sort of is 1 more step but I felt it kinda common sense plus how do you fit 5 steps into the cute little picture above?! Giggle. Cut out a banner from the printable below & glue on top. Don’t forget to punch a little hole in the back of your rosette to hang. Now you are good to go!

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled

Have you created a wreath out of recycled items? Have you forgotten to serve items at your kiddo’s birthday party? I’d love to hear all about it.


  1. ridiculously cute!!!