Pink and Gold Confetti Nursery


Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery

So excited to  share my sweet baby girl’s Pink and Gold Confetti Nursery today. A little background, I have two boys – 7 and 5 so when I found out I was having a girl I instantly knew her room would be pink, pink and more pink. My first stop was Pottery Barn Kids. I grabbed their solid pink bed sheet and decided that I’d match the walls to the fabric. Thankfully, Pottery Barn Kids is way ahead of us and has collaborated with Sherwin Williams to make matching paints. Once I got the paint home my husband said “are you sure you want to paint the walls Pepto Bism0l Pink?” Um, yeah. I totes do. As he is not one to argue with a pregnant lady the walls in the nursery became pink. Hope you enjoy the pics and check out more DIY details below!

Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery Deliciously Darling | Pink and Gold Nursery


I wanted the Nursery to be this happy place. A place that would make me smile when I’m changing the baby’s diaper at 3am. Confetti makes me smile so naturally that means gold Confetti Walls.  With my trusty Silhouette Cameo machine, I cut over 200 two inch gold vinyl circles. It was so easy to do and such an inexpensive way to jazz up the nursery.

I’m all for a DIY nursery, i feel like it makes the room so personal. I made the little gold lamb mobile out of twine, an embroidery hoop, glitter wrapping paper and glitter tape. It’s so glittery – I just love it. I also made the gorgeous pink ombre paper wreath that hangs above the changing table. A little DIY project that cost around $4.00 for me to make. I reused an old wreath that I had from a past event, added crepe paper and tons and tons of beautiful paper flowers. I’m such a fan of my Silhouette Cameo machine. I love that I can use it to make everything from paper lambs to paper flowers.

My absolute favorite item in the nursery is the “For Like Ever” print. I saw a pink and red version on pinterest and once I found out the seller had a gold version I was sold. Looks so cool. I’m picturing Ally college bound and the one thing she grabs from her childhood room (for her dorm room) is this poster. Ha.

Moving on to the furniture situation. I was very fortunate that I kept all of the nursery furniture from my two boys. The crib, sofa, night stand, changing table, rocking lamb and rocking chair were from my first son so they are about 7 years old. The thought crossed my mind to get a new more modern rocking chair but I opted to keep and use what I have. After all, I was having a girl and she would get new everything so having hand-me-down furniture is totally okay. I loved adding new little items to the nursery. The dollhouse book shelf was my absolute must. I searched everywhere for an affordable version and found this one at Target for $99.00. Kate Spade apple bank, an antique tea set, vintage looking hard cover books, baby books from her brothers and pink chevron baskets fill the shelves. Another new nursery addition is the gold Moroccan pouf. “Does the baby need a pouf” asks my husband. Of course she does! Can’t wait for her one year pictures when I plop her on top of it. Giggle.

I hope you enjoyed the little peek into our sweet baby girl’s nursery.

Vendor Credit || Design, Mobile, Flower Wreath & Gold Vinyl Dots: Deliciously Darling || Photography: Lauren Nicole Studios || Ombre Pink Bedskirt, Gold Chevron Changing Table Cover & Blanket: Caden Lane || Larkin Crib, Night Stand, Sofa, Crib Sheet, Bumper, Anywhere Chair, Rug, Window Panels, Small Throw Pillows: Pottery Barn Kids || For Like Ever Poster: Super Rural || Moroccan Pouf: Rosenberry Rooms via Amazon || Gold Dot pillows: Waiting on Martha ||

DIY Earth Day Wreath

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled

Happy Earth Day!!! The sun is shining down here in Atlanta, the birds are chirping, the pollen count is high and well it’s a beautiful day. Here’s the back story on today’s craft {yes, there is always a back story}. This past weekend was my son’s 6th birthday party. Being the party planning mom that I am, I used every cute item in my party supply stash, including some adorable wooden spoons from the Sucre Shop. Early Saturday morning, I scooped out 24 cups of ice-cream and added the adorable light green & dark green chevron spoons. Sadly, I forgot the tray in the freezer so the ice-cream was not served at the party.  Note my fabulous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nail art below.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled Bummed that these fabulous spoons didn’t get to play at the party – I created this DIY Earth Day wreath. Created with 16 recycled ice-cream spoons, a large paper rosette I had left over from a past photoshoot, some green twine {from Waiting on Martha}, 2″ paper circle & printable that I’m offering for free at the end of the post.  Super duper easy, check out my 4 steps below!

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled

Step 1:  Using hot glue, glue your spoons together in groups of 3 to 4. Make sure to fan them out as evenly as possible. Gluing them in groups makes it easier to assemble.

Step 2: Grab your groups of spoons and start to glue them all together to form a circle.

Step 3: Grab a left over paper rosette { if you don’t have any laying around you can make one very easily by folding 3 12×12 sheets of scrapbook paper together, turning them into fans & gluing them together} and glue on a 2″ paper circle. This will serve as the base the spoon circle is glued on to.

Step 4:  Glue your spoons onto your 2″ circle.

There sort of is 1 more step but I felt it kinda common sense plus how do you fit 5 steps into the cute little picture above?! Giggle. Cut out a banner from the printable below & glue on top. Don’t forget to punch a little hole in the back of your rosette to hang. Now you are good to go!

Deliciously Darling | DIY Earth Day Wreath | Recycled

Have you created a wreath out of recycled items? Have you forgotten to serve items at your kiddo’s birthday party? I’d love to hear all about it.

DIY Muslin Favor Bags

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

Happy Tuesday! Sharing an adorable DIY Muslin Favor Bag Tutorial. Confession: I’m obsessed with Muslin / Linen drawstring bags. Beyond obsessed really. How adorable are they? Super adorable. What can you put in them? Anything that will fit, from sequins / business cards to sweet treats and jewelry. Back to to the tutorial, today’s tute involves a paper punch but tomorrow I’ll share a few tips on how to create your own stencil for custom muslin bags.

Run to your nearest Micheal’s Craft Store &  Target to gather these goodies:

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag


–    Muslin Bags {Pick your Plum}

–    Freezer Paper

–    Martha Stewart Paint

–    Martha Stewart Glitter Glue

–    Martha Stewart Paper Punch

–    Sponge Brush



Punch & Position: Cut a piece of freezer paper and put in your punch. I found that it works best if the shiny side is down while punching. Then position your design {shiny side down} on your muslin bag.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

Iron, Paint, Peel & Glitter: Iron on the design and grab your sponge brush and start applying the paint lightly. Wipe off your brush so you don’t get big paint globs. Paint globs lead to smudges and just don’t look pretty. {Tip: for intricate designs, use a Q-tip}. Wait for the paint to dry and then carefully peel off the freezer paper. At this point you can proceed to the last step but if you are a glitter girl like me, grab your Martha Stewart Glitter glue tube and just dazzle it up a little.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

Final Step: Pat yourself on the back. You just created some cuteness.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

Stay tuned tomorrow for some Silhouette tricks on cutting custom stencils! Don’t forget to PIN THIS:

Deliciously Darling | DIY Muslin Bag

DIY Glitter Note Cards

Deliciously Darling | DIY Glitter Notecards

Happy Glittery Tuesday! Today’s tutorial is all about glitter note cards. I’ve been deep in the re-branding process – from updating the logo, website, business cards, etc. I noticed I needed to create some sweet little note cards, glittery of course!

Deliciously Darling | DIY Glitter Notecards

All you are going to need are the following items, most of which can be found at your local Michael’s Craft Store:

– Your favorite stamp {Note: Any stamp will do, think Easter ones for little Easter note cards or “Thank you” stamps for Thank you notes. You get the idea.}

– Recollections Glitter {I used Antique Gold}

– Martha Stewart Crafts Glue Pad

–  Blank Note cards

– Glitter catching tray {A paper plate will do but I do love my little Recollections Glitter Tray}

Deliciously Darling | DIY Glitter Notecards

In 4 easy steps you’ll have your little glitter note card:

1. Pour the glue on the glue pad per directions on the package

2. Press stamp on glue pad then press onto your note card.

3. Sprinkle glitter on the note card

4. Dust your note card off with a clean brush to get loose glitter off and do a little happy dance. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for being so Crafty.

Deliciously Darling | DIY Glitter Notecards

I Craft So Hard I Sweat Glitter

Deliciously Darling | Glitter Quotes | #DIY #Quotes

I’m in the process on working on lots of customer orders and crafty things but had to take a moment to stop and share my sweet little Glitter print! I get easily distracted sometimes {especially by shimmering things} so I had to stop what I was doing and just whipped this up for my studio.

Want to make one too?  All you will need is to make one of your own is card stock, Ultra fine gold glitter and Martha Stewart Glittering Glue. You can find these goodies at Michaels Craft Store. Type, Print, Glue & Glitter and you have your own crafty print.

Deliciously Darling | Glitter Quotes | #DIY #Quotes

Happy Glittering!!!

xoxo – Dina


Valentine’s Day Treat Bag Ideas

Raise your hands if you love paper treat bags! {My hand is raised} Today I’ve come up with a few ideas to help you jazz up those adorable little bags for your upcoming Valentine’s Day treats. Not just one way to decorate your treat bags but for adorable ways: Chevron & Lace, Polkadot & Rosette, I love Twine, and Washi tape treat bags.

Special thank you to Waiting on Martha for the treat bags, twine & washi tape.

 Chevron & Lace Treat Bags

You will need:

Treat bags:  Waiting on Martha || Lace Doilies: Target’s Dollar Section || Martha Stewart Scrapbook paper, Heart Punch and glue gun: Michael’s Craft Store 


You will need 5 doilies. Take one doilie and fold in half. Fold again in half and place a drop of glue on it so that the doilie remains in triangle form. Continue to make 3 more triangle doilies. Glue all for triangle doilies onto the 5th doilie to form the ruffled lace circle above. Then finish with a heart punched from scrapbook paper. I picked glittery paper in latest Martha Stewart Valentine’s Day Scrapbook paper pack.

These treat bags were inspired by the adorable party from Frog Prince Paperie, I just love how she used the doilie rosettes.

Polka dot & Rosette Treat Bags

You will need:

Treat bags:  Waiting on Martha ||  Martha Stewart Scrapbook paper,  Scoring Board & Round and Heart Punch, craft scissors and glue gun: Michael’s Craft Store 


Take a blank piece of paper and punch out a 2″ circle and set aside. Pick out your favorite sheet of scrapbook paper and place it on your scoring board. Score a 1.5 inch line down and cut it out with your favorite craft scissors. These are my favorite craft scissors, I love the little design it makes when turned into a rosette. Once you have your 1.5 inch strip of paper, lay it horizontally on the scoring board and begin to score .5 inch lines all the way down the strip. Once you are done fold up the paper into an accordion then open it back up. Here’s the tricky part, glue your two ends together and push the paper down on one side to form the rosette. Glue the rosette down onto the round piece of paper that you punched out and set aside. Finally, punch out your heart and glue it to the rosette and now you are ready to glue the rosette to your bag and fill with treats.

I love Twine Treat Bags

You will need:

Treat bags:  Waiting on Martha || Sewing Kit: Target, craft section || Twine: Waiting on Martha


Open your sewing box and pull out the needle, your favorite design and scoring tool. Using a ruler, score a line across the treat bag. Thread the needle included in the box with your baker’s twine. Begin sewing your bag and finish it off with a twine yarn ball &  a glittery paper heart.

Washi Tape Glassine Treat Bags

You will need:

Treat bags & Washi Tape:  Waiting on Martha || Mini Glittered Clothing Pins: Michael’s Craft Store 


Grab your favorite tape and use a ruler to make sure you are applying it straight on your glassine bag. Alternate washi tape designs and finish off with an adorable glittered pin.

Happy Crafting.

xoxo – Dina


Glitter Play-Dough Recipe

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday. Sharing my favorite Play Dough recipe today. With a handful of ingredients, it’s so easy to make your own play dough. They make great birthday party favors. Of course, mine has glitter in it but if you don’t have to add glitter if you don’t want to {Follow up question: why wouldn’t you want to!?}.

Play Dough Recipe


1 cup of white flour

1/2 cup of salt

2 tablespoons of cream tartar

1 tablespoon of oil

1 cup of water

Food coloring, glitter and vanilla extract


Mix the first four ingredients together in a pan. Add water and mix well. Then, turn on the stove and cook over medium heat. Stir constantly for 3-5 minutes. The dough will become difficult to stir and will form “clumps”.  Remove dough from stove and knead for 5 minutes. You can add food coloring, glitter & a little vanilla extract {to scent your dough} during the kneading process. Store in a plastic bag or a container until use. Enjoy!

Glitter Mason Jars {Tutorial}

Crafty Wednesday Time! I’m starting to look forward to Wednesdays now and sharing my little crafty tutorials. Today’s tutorial is all about glittered mason jars. I am up to my elbows in glitter & paper for a Pink & Gold wedding. The wedding is vintage + glam so glittered mason jars made perfect sense {to me}.  I know there are many ways to glitter a mason jar. Some might decide to glitter the inside of the jar, others might use spray adhesive – I like good ol’ modge podge. Check out my little tips below.


– Mason Jars  {I got mine from target but I’m sure even the grocery store sells them}
– Recollections Extra Fine Glitter  & Martha Stewart Glitter Trays {from Michaels Craft Stores}
– Modge Podge {from Michaels Craft Stores}
– Brush
– Paper tape {masking tape or washi tape works perfectly}


1. Wrap tape around jar to create the type of pattern that you want. Keep in mind that where the tape is will obviously not have glitter on it. Be creative, spiral patterns, diagonals even chevron would be so cute!
2. Cover the non-taped area with modge podge. Be sure to spread it evenly so that the glitter adheres properly. Tip: If you find that the glue is drying quickly then work in small patches.
3. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue. Tip: If you find that the glue is drying quickly then work in small patches. Adhere the glue and sprinkle glitter then move on to the next section.
4. Remove the tape while the glue is still wet. I know this against your better judgement. Resist the urge to do this and take the tape off gently when the glue is still wet. If you wait till the glue is dry as you peel of the tape you will inevitably remove some of the glitter leaving a jagged line. So for a clean line, carefully remove the tape while wet.
5. Use a damp q-tip to clean up any glue that may have gotten under your tape.
6. Let your jars dry overnight & give them a good shake to get the remaining glitter off.
7. Add flowers and pat yourself 0n the back!

The end result is so beautiful. Just think at how many beautiful little mason jars you can create and use as DIY centerpieces that you can use in a wedding, for a bridal or other special event.

Alright, back to wedding prep! I can’t wait to share more little DIY touches that I’ve put together for this wedding. I know things have been quiet on the blog this week but I’ll be back in full force very soon.


Glitter Cake Stand {Tutorial}

Happy Crafty Wednesday! Today, I’m starting a new series of posts on Do-it-Yourself Craft Projects. I often get questions on how to make an item that is featured in one of my parties so I thought that it’s about time I start sharing some of my crafting tips & tutorials. Can I tell you how excited I am by Crafty Wednesdays!? I’m sure you guessed by the number of exclamation points!!!

Today’s tutorial, the Glitter Cake Stand, is my latest crafty creation. You won’t believe how easy it is to make one of your own.

You will need the following, all of which can be found at your local Michaels Craft Store:

– ArtMinds Wooden Pedestal {It comes painted white, how cool is that?!}
– Large Brush
– Metallic Spray Paint {that matches your glitter color}
– Modge Podge {glossy}
– Glitter

Once you have all your supplies, set up shop in a space that is okay being covered in glitter. In my case, my studio is already covered in glitter so why not add a little more?!

1. Grab your white wooden pedestal and spray it with spray paint. Remember that your paint should match your glitter color and in this case my gold spray paint matches my gold glitter.
2. Allow the spray painted  pedestal to cure. Give it a min of 3 hours to make sure the paint is on there. I know it seems dry to the touch pretty quickly but you have to cover the stand in glue so you want to give it time to cure.
3. Lay down a drop cloth or wrapping paper. I typically like wrapping paper because it is easier for me to reuse the fallen glitter.
4. Grab your gold pedestal  I know the thought is crossing through your mind that it’s pretty the way it is but fight that urge and just think how much prettier it will look glittered.
5. Apply the modge podge as evenly as you can to the base of the cake stand. Make sure you cover the entire surface before you start glittering.
6. Shake the glitter and cover the cake stand completely and let the stand dry for at least 2 or 3 hours before moving on to step 7.
7. Apply modge podge to the to top of the cake stands and the rim. There is no need to glitter the underside of the cake stand.
8. Shake the glitter and cover the sides of the cake stand and the top completely  Let the stand dry for at least 2 to 3 hours before going to step 9.
9. Shake shake shake your cake stand and make sure you get all the extra glitter off. At this point you will most likely be covered in glitter.
10. Grab a smaller brush and start filling in the areas missing glitter with modge podge and then glitter.
11. Allow the cake stand to fully dry over night before attempting to seal in the glitter.
12. If you want the cake stand to remain ultra glittery then stop here but remember if you don’t seal the cake stand then it will continue to shed glitter everywhere. I usually recommend sealing pieces that will be used year after year. {Note: The cake stand pictured in this post is not sealed.}
13. To seal the glitter, grab your modge podge and start applying to your cake stand. Make sure you spread out so that it is a thin layer of modge podge. Although modge podge drys clear, a thick glob of modge podge will not dry clear. So spread it out. {Note: Glitter becomes less sparkly when sealed.}


Disclaimer – Be smart about what you are putting on your glitter cake stands. If it is a cookie, you might not want to do that because it is directly touching the cake stand and will be covered in glitter. If it is a cupcake then you are safe because of the cupcake wrapper.

 Happy Glittering!