Darling BlissDom 2013 Recap

Deliciously Darling | BlissDom 2013 Recap

SO where do I start!? It’s been about two weeks since I left for the BlissDom Conference. I’m still feeling the BlissDom glow. It was such an amazing experience! Trying to think of how to recap this experience hasn’t been easy. How do you sum up a weekend full of awesome in one blog post? Why not do a top 5? I always love top 5’s. So here it goes, my top 5 things I learned at my first BlissDom:

1 –  “Knowledge + Passion = Profit” and “Twitter is a conversation not a dictation” – Scott Stratten. {Okay so that was sort of two things but they are both from the same guy so I’m gonna just count it as one}  Scott had the most amazing “on stage personality”. As the opening key note speaker, he got me fired up, excited and ready to start BlissDom {as if I weren’t already excited enough}. I  was literally laughing so hard at his stories and had a huge smile plastered to my face during his entire speech. Full of knowledge, I just loved listening to him and can’t wait to dive into his two books I picked up. Follow him on twitter, he’s beyond awesome.

2. “Creativity is not just about Time Management, it’s Energy Management” – Jon Acuff. Jon was one of my favorite speakers at BlissDom. Not only did his session rock but his speech as the closing Keynote wrapped up the conference so perfectly. During his “3 Stages of an Awesome Idea” session, he talked about energy management. It hit so close to home that I can’t believe I didn’t think about it earlier. His newest book “Start” was given to us at the end of the conference – it’s like the road map to life, I can’t recommend it enough. He tackles fear and why it slows us down. My goal is to not let my fear slow me down.

Want another reason why he’s awesome? Check out this video where he describes how it feels like to wear man spanxs under his shirts, lol – might be kind of hard to hear over our laughter:

3. “The future of business is marketing with people not at people” – John Morgan. John’s session was amazing. Seriously, I say that about every session but it was so true. So many amazing speakers. I digress, back to Mr. Morgan. He layed out 6 keys to Branding. He challenged us with thinking about how we are viewed as a company and how that differs from our competitors. Seriously awesome stuff.

4. “Would you rather be famous or successful?” – Jeff Goins. Great question Jeff. In his writing workshop, Jeff discussed the definition of Craft: An activity involving skill in making things by hand. Writing is a skill. One that I hope to improve on. Ooo and I’d choose success vs fame any day of the week.

5. “You are here for the Magic. There is magic in face to face conversations, shared experiences and meeting people you normally see as avatars on the web” – Alli, Barbara, Paula & The Bliss Chicks. In my opinion this was “the” point of BlissDom. For me, it was about meeting & connecting with amazing people. Listening to their experiences and applying them to my own. It was about taking time for me to grow as a business woman, as a blogger and most importantly as a person. I found out a lot about myself during BlissDom:  going through the workshops, talking to sponsors and meeting new people. I was totally there for the “magic”.

In closing, it was just a wonderful experience. I have lots of resources to go back and do what I need to do, I got to meet some amazing gals {some of whom are pictured below}, and I came home to two happy beautiful children & a sweet hubby. So very thankful that Mr. Darling is so supportive and appreciates his “dude’s only weekends” with his boys when mama is away for the occasional conference. I came back feeling refreshed and ready.

Here are some pictures of my fabulous trip to BlissDom 2013. If you follow me on Instagram chances are good you’ve seen some of these pics. For those of you who don’t, start following me on Instagram @deliciouslydarling. Ooo and while your at it on twitter @ddarlingevents #shamelessplug. First up: Some of my Lovely Friends {Note: wishing I could have grabbed a pic of everyone so if you aren’t below, I’m sorry – I still got mad love for you} –

Deliciously Darling | BlissDom 2013 Recap

1st row|| pic 1: My BlissDom Roomie, Stacy from She’s {Kinda} Crafty. This chick is awesome, I seriously can’t say enough about how sweet, supportive & incredibly talented this lady is. If I can say one thing it is that I walked away from this conference with an amazing friend. || pic 2: Courtney from Pizzazzerie. Courtney is the sweetest. A brilliant businesswoman with the hugest heart. So glad I got a chance to see her again. || pic 3: My girl Alejandra from The Marshmallow Studio. Our personalities just clicked instantly. She is awesome and she has a new book about Marshmallows coming out {make sure you pre-order it today}.

2nd row || pic 1: The one and only Aimee Broussard. SO excited to meet Aimee. She was so sweet & welcoming. I’m totally looking forward to seeing her again at the “Southern Craft Academy” in August that she & Stacy are hosting. || pic2: Stacy & I again, she is awesome so there are a lot of pics of us. Giggle || pic 3: Courtney & I jammin’ at the “Girls Night Out” Event. She is the sweetest.

3rd row || pic 1: Me doing my thang at the “Girls Night Out” Event. Okay so there are a lot of pics of me. || pic 2: Some of the sweetest party girls ever. || pic 3:  Mariah from Giggles Galore. Incredibly talented, so awesome – I was so excited to get to meet Mariah. She’s amazing!

4th row|| pic 1: Amy Locurto from Living Locurto. Amy was so wonderful to talk to, we had an amazing chat over tex-mex. I just adore her & her new scrapbook line. || pic 2: Another pic of Alejandra & I. She’s awesome! || pic 3: a final picture of Stacy & I on the plane back home. Not only did we room together but we took both “to” and “from” flights together. Good times!

Just one more reason why I love these girls, here’s a quick video I captured on my phone of Stacy, Sandy {from Firefly Confections} and Aimee gettin’ down:

So I have to share a few more pictures of the actual conference:

Deliciously Darling | BlissDom 2013 Recap

row 1 || pic 1:  Seattle’s Best Coffee sponsored breakfast for Day 1. Lots of yummy food and most importantly coffee!!! || pic 2: Photo booth fun with Stacy.  Check this, it was called “Mug Shot” and we stepped into a large mug with straws & whipped cream. Come on, tell me that’s not brilliant!? LOL, it made my morning. || pic 3: Ready to take notes. Organize my sessions with my “Day Designer” by Whitney English {Who was just one of the sweetest people ever. So happy I had a chance to meet her} and my sweet pink notebook that reminded me to leave a little sparkle where ever I go {from Target}.

row 2 || pic 1: Epic present from Stacy. A custom mason jar tumbler. Gotta stay hydrated at conferences and I did it in style. Thanks Stacy! || pic 2: Scott Stratten taking the stage the opening keynote. || pic 3: Scott, Stacy & I. So excited to have him sign a copy of his book.

row 3 || pic 1: Listening to Jon Acuff speak about Awesome Ideas. Amazeballs. || pic 2: Jon’s new book “Start”. I’m in chapter one and I have to say it is already awesome. Beyond pumped to get my official BlissDom copy. || pic 3:  John Morgan on stage doin’ his thing.

row 4 || pic 1 & 2: Fun with Johan. Gevalia Kaffe sponsored breakfast for day 2. Most importantly they brought their spokesman “Johan”. He was a good sport when Alejandra & I were posting for pic 1 but his “what is wrong with these chicks” expression cracks me up.  Yes, we are goofballs. || pic 3:  The view from our hotel room in the Gaylord Texas Resort. Such a beautiful resort and the perfect location to have a conference at. Loved it.

row 5 || pic 1: Checking out the Pier 1 Suite at the Exhibit sessions. It was wonderful to be able to chat with the designer that put together the room & I was so pumped to get a $25 gift card. || pic 2:  The “Promise” tree in the Johnson & Johnson suite. Epic. We all wrote down one promise, it could be to yourself, your family, whatever. I promised to spend more time laughing with my kiddos. || pic 3:  Lookin’ stylish for my last night at BlissDom.

row 6 || pic 1: I had to include one little picture of the French Macarons I brought to BlissDom. I stayed up late baking some yummies for some of my sweet friends, especially for Sandy from Firefly Confections {who brought us some of her famous caramels. You haven’t tasted heaven until you have had one of Sandy’s caramels. Not sure how you can taste heaven but you know what I mean!}. || pic 2: Got to meet Ana Gasteyer & Jeremy Sisto from Surburgatory. At this point Jeremy says “What’s your blog?”, I respond with “It’s an entertaining blog called Deliciously Darling”. Ana says “that sounds amazing”. To which I reply “sure is”. Yup. This happen in the few seconds I had to pose for this picture. LOL. Jeremy even did “rollin’ with the homies” for me. Throwback to Clueless. What a good sport. || pic 3: Came back to sweet, happy little boys that seemed to grow so much in the few days I was away from them. Could they be this big and mature sounding? Yup! They had a blast on “Dude’s only Weekend” with darlin’ daddy.

So I have to close out my recap with one more sweet tip from Jon Acuff. Wanna know how to “dominate” Instagram? Tilt your pics to the side. Regular picture = nice. Tilted picture = poem  So now I’m hashtag-ing everything #poem #dominate. Giggle:

Deliciously Darling | BlissDom 2013 Recap

Okay so I usually don’t write this much in my blog posts. Desserts, Crafts & Parties are all about images, so THANK YOU for reading this far. I really had a blast and I hope it shows!

Occasions Expo Recap

Hello my sweet friends! The last week has been busy busy busy at Deliciously Darling! Lots of crafting, lots of baking and lots of prep for my booth at the Occasions Magazine Expo. First of all, I was really impressed with the Events industry in Atlanta. Everyone brought their A game. Booths adorned with Ribbon trees, ghost chairs & paisley {from the awesome Elly B Events} to hanging hundreds of paper cranes {from the talented F & G Weddings}, to my sweet booth {literally sweet}.  Ombre Pink Rosette cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies, cheesecake in jars, strawberry milk shooters and donuts. It was a sweets explosion.  Huge thank you to Kathi from My Sweet Things for creating the stunning cake {last minute no less}.

I loved chatting with Brides-to-be, Mitzvah moms, and Party Enthusiast  My favorite part was meeting new people in the Events industry. Yummy caters, amazing venues, talented photographers and awesome event planners. I had the pleasure of chatting with Winston Walker {from Images by Winston Photography}, an Atlanta Wedding Photographer, and he was kind enough to snap some beautiful pictures of my booth & me in action! His work is beautiful and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Another huge thank you to Heather from Occasions Magazine for the opportunity to be at her Expo. It was an amazing show and a wonderful experience.

Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table

Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert TableDeliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table

Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table

Here’s a few pictures I snapped right before the doors opened. In love with all things paper at the moment. So the logo & paper flowers were my favorite details.

Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table

Deliciously Darling | Occasions Expo | Gold & Pink Dessert Table

xoxo – Dina

BlogFete 2012 Recap

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! Just getting back into the swing of things after coming back from BlogFete 2012. It was such an amazing experience. Connecting with creative & motivating people was my absolutely favorite part! I really enjoyed listening to the speakers as they shared their experiences and knowledge and meeting the incredible group of attendees.

I just want to take a second to thank Melissa {Truly Chic Inspirations}, Carmen {The Flair Exchange} and Michele {Intrigue Design Studio}. All the hard work that these three ladies put into BlogFete was noticed. Every detail was covered – from the adorable logo cups to the afternoon cupcakes, tirimisu & box of chocolate covered oreos! You know the way to my heart is coffee + sweets. I was in heaven! But seriously, it was incredible. Thank you for creating such a warm and welcoming environment. {Note: Remembering my experience at BlogFete brings a big smile to my face}.

The speakers were beyond incredible. Each one brought a unique perspective and “dropped some knowledge on me”. Lauren Grove {Every Last Details} inspired me to “find my voice” when blogging. Bonnie Upright {Upright Public Relations} inspired me to think deep about my brand and the emotional connection that one would feel about it. Michele Pentecost {Intrigue Design Studio} shared amazing tips on blog design. Alex & Joey {The Yum Yum Truck} shared their experiences on running a local business + their delicious cupcakes! Carrie Sellman {Halfed Baked – The Cake Blog} shared what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting featured. Kori Clark {Paper & Pigtails} shared the importance of connecting and did it through beautiful visual quotes. My favorite quote: “Connect with the Like-Minded Driven Creative Focused Stylish Fun Positive”.  Last but certainly not least the wonderful emcee, Theresa Edwards-Capen {Lauren Mckinsey}. Here’s a peek at the presenters doing there thing and one of Melissa smiling:

Here’s a peek at my pictures from BlogFete 2012. Thank you again Melissa, Carmen, Michele and all the presenters & attendees.  It was a phenomenal experience and can’t wait for the next one.

I’m very motivated to share what Deliciously Darling Events is all about via this blog. I will be giving you behind-the-scene peeks into what I’m working on, my fun experiences as an event planner & event designer & stylist, what motivates and inspires me and finally how to do some of the crafty things that I do! xoxo – Dina

PS: Thank you, Thank you Melissa who took the time to take me to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World on Sunday! I had an absolute blast with her and of course I had to take a few pics :). If you are ever in Orlando and love Harry Potter, this is so the place for you!

Amber Housley Inspired Recap

Deliciously Darling Events Amber Housely Inspired

“She decided to start living the life she always imagined. She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans. She took the leap and grew her wings on the way down. Courage.”

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to go up to Nashville, TN and attend the Amber Housley Inspired Nashville II workshop. It was a fun and inspiring two days. It was wonderful to gather with other women and share our experiences and our dreams. Amber and her amazing friends (Courtney Whitmore – Pizzazzerie, Jessica Bishop – The Budget Savvy Bride, and Sara Rose –  Sara E Rose Photography).

Deliciously Darling Events AH Inspired 2

After meeting such a wonderful group of women making their dreams happen,  I really feel ready to move Deliciously Darling Events to the next level! It was such a motivating two days and the biggest lesson I’ve learned: “Be true to yourself”.

I can’t wait to share more with all of you. You can expect more posts about my darling events, behind the scenes, crafting & baking tutorials to come.

I’m leaving Nashville with a new notebook filled with action items & ideas, a huge bag of swag, two awesome books (by the talented Mrs. Courtney Whitmore), and a bunch of new friends.

Here’s my little video recap :). Little music videos are my new addiction.

[vimeo vimeo.com/47840811]

Here are a few more pictures of my Amber Housley Inspired experience:

Deliciously Darling Events AH 3

Deliciously Darling Events AH 4

Deliciously Darling Events AH 5

Deliciously Darling Events AH 6

Deliciously Darling Events - AH Inspired Courtney Whitmore Books

Special Thank You to the lovley Sara E Rose for taking a few pictures of the event – here are a few of my favoriate and a new picture of me for my porfolio. Thank you Sara. Visit Sara E Rose Photography to check out her amazing work.

AH Inspired Nashville II SaraERose

AH Inspired Nashville II SaraERose

I love my new picture!!! Thanks for makin’ me look young Sara ;).

AH Inspired Nashville II SaraERose