Life of a Party Girl #instagram2

Gosh, seems like forever since I blogged. More like two and a half weeks but feels like forever. So where have I been? Baking, crafting, styling parties, & livin’ la vida loca. Today I decided to share my life through instagram, here’s a peek at my crazy two weeks:

Life of a Party Girl instagram #2

{Starting from Left to Right & Newest to Oldest}

Row 1: Celebrated Cinco in style with Mojitos before moving on to Margaritas | A peek of the Bebe Shower, the Mama to be’s chair “Mere Du Bebe” | Lots and lots of beautiful flowers from Trader Joes for the bebe shower | Final batch of french macarons for the bebe shower.

Row 2: Cupcake overload! Made lots of cupcakes for my client’s Bebe shower | Lemon Blueberry Tarts for the Bebe Shower | Trying really hard to eat healthy so cue the tomato / cucumber / balsamic glaze salad & feta / watermelon / mint salad | Salt water taffy for the Bebe shower {banana & strawberry}

Row 3: Wreck it Ralph invitations that I just created for my son Jad’s upcoming party |  On a green smoothie kick: Kale, Mango, Grapes, Raspberries & Flax = YUM | Washi tape obsession continues. Organizer from Michaels Craft store & my favorite Jar from World Market} | More french macarons for the Bebe Shower & Operations Shower.

Row 4: My new paper organizers from Michaels Craft Store | French Macarons for Operation Shower | Sangria Sundays, Mango Lime Sangria | Baby Shower Crafting with tons of paper flowers

Row 5:  1st 3 pics are Rainbow Party Decor  I created for Deb from Yummy Delicious Cookies | French macarons I created for Deb look amazing with the little royal icing rainbows that she iced on.

For more peeks into the life of a party girl follow me on instagram @deliciouslydarling.

Behind-the-Scenes {Out-of-Town Wedding}

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to design & style my cousin’s wedding in New Jersey. I’ve been torn as to post this or not because of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. The wedding was actually the weekend before the Hurricane. So I share these Behind the Scenes pics with a bit of a heavy heart. If you haven’t already donated, please do at Red Cross.

Now that I’ve said my peace, here are a few little pictures of the prep that went into this Pink & Gold wedding. Glittering letters, creating bunting, decorating chocolate favors, seating cards, spray painting gold jars, menu design, fondant flower making and chair signage is just a little bit of went on behind the scenes.

All the above and a little more got backed up into nice little bins, along with spray paint, glue, washi tape and all the other little things that you need to pull together an out-of-town wedding.  I packed up my boys & mother and began the long drive from Atlanta to New Jersey! It was actually a very pretty drive and we were lucky to get there {and back} safe and sound!

The most interesting part of the trip was putting the kiddos to bed and doing wedding prep with my cousin Reema. She has two girls and I have two boys. All four kids were asleep in the hotel room as I worked {quietly} on flowers {centerpiece arrangements, the bouquet, & little mini bouquets} and Reema worked {quietly} on bagging & washi-taping the cookie favors. Yes, I totally stored the flowers in the bath tub!

At the very end of the post are a few sneak peeks at the actual Wedding. To see more Behind-the-scenes pictures follow me on Instagram @ddarlingevents. Stay tuned for the official pictures from Cat Dunbar Photography in this week’s post. 🙂

xoxo ~ Dina

Styled Holiday Shoots, Behind-the-Scenes

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way – oh what fun it is to style shoots, 3 shoots in a day! Hey!” … Okay perhaps my holiday singing is a bit rusty but if you have been asking yourself, “where has Dina been?” the answer is: stuck in party la-la-land. Over the last two weeks I’ve prepped for 3 holiday shoots and an out-of-town wedding that I styled and now I’m back. Slowly but surly I’m catching up to the tsunami of emails and work pilled up at my desk. So if you are waiting to hear from me – I’m working on it.

Movin’ on to the topic at hand. I really look forward to photo shoot days, lots of sweets and lots of fun. Here is a sneak peek at the day of 3 holiday themed photo shoots. My wonderful photographer & sweet friend, Lauren of Lauren Nicole Studios came out bright and early on a Sunday. Like a rock star she listened to Bieber {okay so maybe holiday music only lasted 15 minutes before we switched gears to a mix of Ellie Goulding & Psy}, snapped pictures and helped me switch up the Christmas tree to match each themed concept we were shooting. I know I say this in every post but I seriously heart her!

Photo shoot days are super fun but shoots that include my two boys are so much more special. Granted shooting takes a bit longer because I’m trying to convince the boys that they should wait to eat the cupcake in their hands until after we get a good picture of it. It’s so worth it to see them participate and help me set up. Shoot day means sugar day and this day was no different.  The kids had ingested a good amount of sugary brunch food, were covered in green & red glitter and boogied to Gangnam Style all while being photographed. Mr. Malik {holding his edible Santa beard in the picture below} had a chance to perfect his Santa voice. So much Holiday fun. Incidentally my kids are so confused as to what season it is – Halloween decorations are up but we are having a “Christmas Party”.  “Mommy when is the Halloween Party?” asked Malik on the day of the Christmas shoot. My response: “Ummm we had one in July with your friends, don’t you remember?”… I’m thinking I may need to start setting aside funds for their future therapy.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Holiday-rific photo shoots. To get the skinny on all the Deliciously Darling magic, follow me on Instagram @ddarlingevents.

Next post – I’ll take you behind the scenes of the out of town wedding I styled. It was so beautiful and sweet!

xoxo Dina

Styled Shoot, Behind-the-Scenes

When people find out that I’m an Event planner, decor designer & stylist they automatically think that life’s a party. Okay it is, but seriously there is a lot of running around and setting up when it comes to putting together all the beautiful little details. Today, I wanted to take you Behind-the-Scenes of a recent Deliciously Darling Events styled shoot. Before I go there, the glittery picture above was taken by my sweet photographer, Lauren of Lauren Nicole Studios. She is a genius and such a sweet friend. I brought tons of glitter to the shoot {surprise, surprise} and I asked her to take a glitter picture of me before we wrapped. I’ve seen these pics floating around Pinterest and had to have one of myself. Usually, I look like a hot mess the day of the shoot so don’t judge. Love how it turned out {Note: I edited the picture a darker so that the glitter pops!} but I’m so planning on doing it again but with more glitter next time. Recommendation: Run out and grab chunky Martha Stewart Glitter from Michaels Craft Store. Don’t attempt with fine glitter or it will end up in your eyes and you will have a glitter mustache. Trust me.

Back to the Styled shoots are a less intense then actual events, so when I get the opportunity, I jump at the chance to put together a shoot. This one happens to be for a local Atlanta events magazine. The day before the shoot consisted of my running around: last minute ribbon pick up {just in case we might need it – did we use it? no}, dessert pick ups and packing up supplies. My friends joke that the day before an event  I suit up in my “jogging” suit so I hustle around town as a work out substitute.  So true – those crates of supplies and cake stands are heavy therefore workout accomplished. Here’s a my day as a party-hustler, even my little sweet munchkin joined in the fun:

Thank you to Waiting on Martha for a couple of these awesome pics. You can follow us both on Instagram for more behind the scenes pictures! {@ddarlingevents & @waitingonmartha}

Leaving you with one more glittery fun picture! I am so having my boys & hubby do glitter pictures for our Holiday cards this year. xoxo – Dina


Instagram Sneak Peeks


Happy Friday! I think I’m going to start a new DDE tradition. On Fridays I’ll be sharing sneaky peeks into what I’ve been working on all week. My Bride’s October wedding is quickly approaching so I’ve been designing up a Pink & Gold glittery storm. The wedding will be in NJ. I’m really enjoying the challenge of designing & styling an out of town Event!

When I was told the wedding colors are pink & gold, I squealed. I don’t get to use these colors as often as I’d like. My Bride wants a vintage feel with a mix of glitta. In order to have that feminine & vintage feel – I’m using an eyelet pattern as the design basis that will be carried throughout the wedding. Pretty darn excited to share a few peeks into what I’ve been crafting:


Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram {@ddarlingevents} to see more about what goes on behind the scenes (and pics of my precious little boys smiling, eating ice-cream and of course being cute). Have a great weekend!

Glittery Inspiration

Deliciously Darling Events - Glitter Inspiration

I love glitter and feel (as many crafters do) that it makes everything better. I’ve also been watching a lot of Craft Wars recently and I’m pretty much addicted. I love all the judges, especially Mr. Stephen Brown – founder of Glitterville Studios. He completely rules in my book. A few weeks ago, he said “A little bit of sparkle goes a long way” during a Craft Wars Tweet Party – the perfect quote. So true on so many levels. I created this inspirational picture to share with all of you guys. Feel free to pin it, share it and live by it!


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