Behind-the-Scenes {Out-of-Town Wedding}

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to design & style my cousin’s wedding in New Jersey. I’ve been torn as to post this or not because of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy. The wedding was actually the weekend before the Hurricane. So I share these Behind the Scenes pics with a bit of a heavy heart. If you haven’t already donated, please do at Red Cross.

Now that I’ve said my peace, here are a few little pictures of the prep that went into this Pink & Gold wedding. Glittering letters, creating bunting, decorating chocolate favors, seating cards, spray painting gold jars, menu design, fondant flower making and chair signage is just a little bit of went on behind the scenes.

All the above and a little more got backed up into nice little bins, along with spray paint, glue, washi tape and all the other little things that you need to pull together an out-of-town wedding.  I packed up my boys & mother and began the long drive from Atlanta to New Jersey! It was actually a very pretty drive and we were lucky to get there {and back} safe and sound!

The most interesting part of the trip was putting the kiddos to bed and doing wedding prep with my cousin Reema. She has two girls and I have two boys. All four kids were asleep in the hotel room as I worked {quietly} on flowers {centerpiece arrangements, the bouquet, & little mini bouquets} and Reema worked {quietly} on bagging & washi-taping the cookie favors. Yes, I totally stored the flowers in the bath tub!

At the very end of the post are a few sneak peeks at the actual Wedding. To see more Behind-the-scenes pictures follow me on Instagram @ddarlingevents. Stay tuned for the official pictures from Cat Dunbar Photography in this week’s post. 🙂

xoxo ~ Dina