Back to School Party

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Can you believe how fast our little ones grow up?!  Not sure where the time has gone and now they are off to Kindergarten & Pre-School. Since this year is a big year for us, I wanted to celebrate Back to School time with a sweet little play date to get the boys excited about their new school.  I’m so excited to share the party details with you all {Thank you to Amy Atlas Events for recently featuring this party}

My faboulous friends at Petite Party Studio were kind enough to send over their amazing Back to School printables. I just love their creativity. They are the team behind the candy filled pencil tubes – I love how lots of back to school parties have included them in their tables this year. So cute!

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 I was fortunate to have a chance to meet the amazing Bakerella at the Amy Atlas’s Atlanta book signing. I have this huge love for baking and literally anything on a stick. Cake on a stick, even better! Just days before my party, Bakeralla shared these incredible Pencil Push-up Pops. So inspired, I attempted to create my own.

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 Just a little back story on the cake. I just LOVED the Rice Krispie Watermelon slices from Glorious Treats and created this apple rice crispy cake by modifying her recipe. I was so excited to show my son the cake. He looked over at it and said “is that a cake out of Rice Krispies?” to which I said, “Yes, isn’t it awesome?”. His response (no lie), “No mom, not so much. You want to know what’s awesome? My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and walks away. Seriously hilarious.  He did really enjoy eating it though!

Here is a picture of my little men on their first day of school! HUGE thank you to Pink Pepperment Paper for the super cool printables. I plan on using them every year until my boys graduate highschool. I’m thinking they may not find posing with signage cute when they hit middle school but I’m so going to make this happen every year. Just dreaming of my boys bright futures makes my heart happy.

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I hope you enjoyed our party as much as I did. Seeing my boys light up with delight is why I do what I do. Here are a few more pictures:

Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 3

Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 4Deliciously Darling Events - Back to School 8


Event Planning & Styling, Crafting & Photography: Deliciously Darling Events
Printables: Petite Party Studio
Chevron Runner: A to Zebra Celebrations
Cupcakes: Cloud 9 
Cinnomon Letter Cookies: Trader Joes
Macarons, Jello, Pushup pops and apple rice crispy cake: Deliciously Darling Events


  1. Cute party. LOVE the apple plates and the table backdrop. Those boys of yours are adorable!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet words Eleanor and thank you for creating the adorable back to school Year Printables! Can’t wait to use every year. xoxo

  2. Such fun ideas! Beautiful job on the whole set-up! Thanks so much for the sweet link for the rice krispies treats. I love your apple version!

    • Thank you so much Glory!!! Such a fan of your work and inspired by your adorable desserts daily. Thanks so much for the sweet words on the party. <3!