Styled Holiday Shoots, Behind-the-Scenes

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way – oh what fun it is to style shoots, 3 shoots in a day! Hey!” … Okay perhaps my holiday singing is a bit rusty but if you have been asking yourself, “where has Dina been?” the answer is: stuck in party la-la-land. Over the last two weeks I’ve prepped for 3 holiday shoots and an out-of-town wedding that I styled and now I’m back. Slowly but surly I’m catching up to the tsunami of emails and work pilled up at my desk. So if you are waiting to hear from me – I’m working on it.

Movin’ on to the topic at hand. I really look forward to photo shoot days, lots of sweets and lots of fun. Here is a sneak peek at the day of 3 holiday themed photo shoots. My wonderful photographer & sweet friend, Lauren of Lauren Nicole Studios came out bright and early on a Sunday. Like a rock star she listened to Bieber {okay so maybe holiday music only lasted 15 minutes before we switched gears to a mix of Ellie Goulding & Psy}, snapped pictures and helped me switch up the Christmas tree to match each themed concept we were shooting. I know I say this in every post but I seriously heart her!

Photo shoot days are super fun but shoots that include my two boys are so much more special. Granted shooting takes a bit longer because I’m trying to convince the boys that they should wait to eat the cupcake in their hands until after we get a good picture of it. It’s so worth it to see them participate and help me set up. Shoot day means sugar day and this day was no different.  The kids had ingested a good amount of sugary brunch food, were covered in green & red glitter and boogied to Gangnam Style all while being photographed. Mr. Malik {holding his edible Santa beard in the picture below} had a chance to perfect his Santa voice. So much Holiday fun. Incidentally my kids are so confused as to what season it is – Halloween decorations are up but we are having a “Christmas Party”.  “Mommy when is the Halloween Party?” asked Malik on the day of the Christmas shoot. My response: “Ummm we had one in July with your friends, don’t you remember?”… I’m thinking I may need to start setting aside funds for their future therapy.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Holiday-rific photo shoots. To get the skinny on all the Deliciously Darling magic, follow me on Instagram @ddarlingevents.

Next post – I’ll take you behind the scenes of the out of town wedding I styled. It was so beautiful and sweet!

xoxo Dina

Glitter Mason Jars {Tutorial}

Crafty Wednesday Time! I’m starting to look forward to Wednesdays now and sharing my little crafty tutorials. Today’s tutorial is all about glittered mason jars. I am up to my elbows in glitter & paper for a Pink & Gold wedding. The wedding is vintage + glam so glittered mason jars made perfect sense {to me}.  I know there are many ways to glitter a mason jar. Some might decide to glitter the inside of the jar, others might use spray adhesive – I like good ol’ modge podge. Check out my little tips below.


– Mason Jars  {I got mine from target but I’m sure even the grocery store sells them}
– Recollections Extra Fine Glitter  & Martha Stewart Glitter Trays {from Michaels Craft Stores}
– Modge Podge {from Michaels Craft Stores}
– Brush
– Paper tape {masking tape or washi tape works perfectly}


1. Wrap tape around jar to create the type of pattern that you want. Keep in mind that where the tape is will obviously not have glitter on it. Be creative, spiral patterns, diagonals even chevron would be so cute!
2. Cover the non-taped area with modge podge. Be sure to spread it evenly so that the glitter adheres properly. Tip: If you find that the glue is drying quickly then work in small patches.
3. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue. Tip: If you find that the glue is drying quickly then work in small patches. Adhere the glue and sprinkle glitter then move on to the next section.
4. Remove the tape while the glue is still wet. I know this against your better judgement. Resist the urge to do this and take the tape off gently when the glue is still wet. If you wait till the glue is dry as you peel of the tape you will inevitably remove some of the glitter leaving a jagged line. So for a clean line, carefully remove the tape while wet.
5. Use a damp q-tip to clean up any glue that may have gotten under your tape.
6. Let your jars dry overnight & give them a good shake to get the remaining glitter off.
7. Add flowers and pat yourself 0n the back!

The end result is so beautiful. Just think at how many beautiful little mason jars you can create and use as DIY centerpieces that you can use in a wedding, for a bridal or other special event.

Alright, back to wedding prep! I can’t wait to share more little DIY touches that I’ve put together for this wedding. I know things have been quiet on the blog this week but I’ll be back in full force very soon.


Favorite Five

I love unique and adorable entertaining items. When I come across them either online or in person, I usually shout “WOO HOO”. It is often at home so that works but in public many of my woo-hoos get blank looks from everyone. I know, I know, I get giddy over pretty party things but now it is your turn to get giddy. I’m going to start sharing my Favorite Five party items with all of you each week!

Today’s Favorite Five comes from Waiting on Martha. What I love about this store is it’s unique and fabulous entertaining, jewelry  crafty items and gifts! If you haven’t checked out the shop – stop what you are doing right now (okay maybe stop after you read this post) and hop over and check out the gorgeousness that is Waiting on Martha.

The Holidays are on my mind. My studio is covered with ornaments, glittery Santas and other Christmasy things. With the Holidays comes Holiday parties. Today’s picks are all about what to gift the Hostess:


1. Holiday Cupcake Pedestals | 2. “Love you Latte” Holiday Mugs  3. 12 Days of Christmas Mugs  4. Sweet Tiding Spoons | 5. Santa’s Milk Carton & Cookies Plate


Update: For 10% off your purchase at Waiting on Martha  use discount code: DDEVENTS  {Offer valid from 10/9/12 to Sunday 10/14/12}.

Happy Shopping.




Macaron Mondays

Mondays! A fresh start to the new week. What do I love to do on Mondays!? Make French Macarons. Not exactly sure why. I think it is a calming force to my week or perhaps it’s to turn my kitchen into a disaster, clean up then start the week fresh. Whatever the reason, there is no denying these little cookies are super duper cute. I’ll be dedicating Monday’s to my macaron obsession!

Let’s just start off by saying I’m a novice macaron maker. For every beautiful batch there is a second less beautiful {actually Frankenstein looking} batch right after it. What makes these little cookies tick? What are the secrets of the macaronage technique? Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes, recommendations and my little macaron pictures. Leaving you with the peek below at the ones I baked today for a Christmas themed shoot – Salted Caramel Christmas. Aren’t they so Jingle Bells!?  xoxo, Dina


Styled Shoot, Behind-the-Scenes

When people find out that I’m an Event planner, decor designer & stylist they automatically think that life’s a party. Okay it is, but seriously there is a lot of running around and setting up when it comes to putting together all the beautiful little details. Today, I wanted to take you Behind-the-Scenes of a recent Deliciously Darling Events styled shoot. Before I go there, the glittery picture above was taken by my sweet photographer, Lauren of Lauren Nicole Studios. She is a genius and such a sweet friend. I brought tons of glitter to the shoot {surprise, surprise} and I asked her to take a glitter picture of me before we wrapped. I’ve seen these pics floating around Pinterest and had to have one of myself. Usually, I look like a hot mess the day of the shoot so don’t judge. Love how it turned out {Note: I edited the picture a darker so that the glitter pops!} but I’m so planning on doing it again but with more glitter next time. Recommendation: Run out and grab chunky Martha Stewart Glitter from Michaels Craft Store. Don’t attempt with fine glitter or it will end up in your eyes and you will have a glitter mustache. Trust me.

Back to the Styled shoots are a less intense then actual events, so when I get the opportunity, I jump at the chance to put together a shoot. This one happens to be for a local Atlanta events magazine. The day before the shoot consisted of my running around: last minute ribbon pick up {just in case we might need it – did we use it? no}, dessert pick ups and packing up supplies. My friends joke that the day before an event  I suit up in my “jogging” suit so I hustle around town as a work out substitute.  So true – those crates of supplies and cake stands are heavy therefore workout accomplished. Here’s a my day as a party-hustler, even my little sweet munchkin joined in the fun:

Thank you to Waiting on Martha for a couple of these awesome pics. You can follow us both on Instagram for more behind the scenes pictures! {@ddarlingevents & @waitingonmartha}

Leaving you with one more glittery fun picture! I am so having my boys & hubby do glitter pictures for our Holiday cards this year. xoxo – Dina


Haunted Halloween Party

It’s Throwback Thursday! I’ll finally start sharing some of my wonderful parties on my site. Super excited!

Booo! October is my favorite time of the year. The leaves are falling, the weather is starting to get a little bit crispy {let’s be real, I live in GA so it’s a slight sweatshirt in the morning but I’ll take it}, and the pumpkin spice lattes are being served. Halloween is my favoriate. Okay pretty my everything is my favorite but I have a bit of a soft spot for Halloween. Endless sugar & Costumes equals #winning in my book.

This party is all about Halloween for Adults.  Although it isn’t gory  it is just a little bit spooky. Who says adults can’t have a whimsical Halloween party too!? Check out some quick and easy recipes at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!!!

Eyeball Jello Cups

1 package of lime green jello (or any color you would like)
30 gummy eyeballs

Directions: These spooky eyeball jello cups are so easy to make and are so yummy! Mix the jello packet with water as per the measurements on the package and add 1 ounce of vodka per 8 ounces of jello mixture. For a virgin alternative just leave out the vodka. Pour into adorable little martini glasses and put in the fridge. Once the mixture solidifies add the gummy eyeball or brain or spooky gummy. Return to fridge until you are ready to serve.


Pushing Daisy Parfait Cups

2 packages of butterscotch pudding or vanilla pudding
Wilton Food Coloring Gel (in the case the Halloween Drink coloring gel)
1 Package of Oreo Cookies
1 package of chocolate chips

Directions: The thing I love about this dessert is it is super quick and so customizable. By starting out with a jello vanilla pudding as a base you can tint the jello to match your event colors. In this case, I divided the batter into 2 bowls and mixed lime green food coloring gel into one bowl and mixed orange food coloring into the other batch. Allow the pudding to set after you have achieved the color you desire. Now is the fun part, crushing Oreos! In my case, I did it by hand but you can always throw a package of Oreos into the blender and pulse until crumbled. To crush by hand, pour the cookies into a large zip lock bag and hit with a rubber mallet, To assemble, layer the pudding, chocolate chips and top off with crushed Oreos. If you have a large glass you can continue to layer until you reach the top. You could add a layer of heath bar for a toffee crunch or sprinkles. Refrigerate until you are ready to serve


Vendor Credits:

Planning, Styling, Candy Buffet & Printables: Deliciously Darling Events

Photography:Jeremy Adamo

Fondant Toppers: Two Sugar Babies

Cupcakes: Jilly’s Cupcakery

Gourmet Popcorn: Heavenly Gourmet Popcorn

Food Catering & Sugar Cookies: Whole Foods

Glitter Cake Stand {Tutorial}

Happy Crafty Wednesday! Today, I’m starting a new series of posts on Do-it-Yourself Craft Projects. I often get questions on how to make an item that is featured in one of my parties so I thought that it’s about time I start sharing some of my crafting tips & tutorials. Can I tell you how excited I am by Crafty Wednesdays!? I’m sure you guessed by the number of exclamation points!!!

Today’s tutorial, the Glitter Cake Stand, is my latest crafty creation. You won’t believe how easy it is to make one of your own.

You will need the following, all of which can be found at your local Michaels Craft Store:

– ArtMinds Wooden Pedestal {It comes painted white, how cool is that?!}
– Large Brush
– Metallic Spray Paint {that matches your glitter color}
– Modge Podge {glossy}
– Glitter

Once you have all your supplies, set up shop in a space that is okay being covered in glitter. In my case, my studio is already covered in glitter so why not add a little more?!

1. Grab your white wooden pedestal and spray it with spray paint. Remember that your paint should match your glitter color and in this case my gold spray paint matches my gold glitter.
2. Allow the spray painted  pedestal to cure. Give it a min of 3 hours to make sure the paint is on there. I know it seems dry to the touch pretty quickly but you have to cover the stand in glue so you want to give it time to cure.
3. Lay down a drop cloth or wrapping paper. I typically like wrapping paper because it is easier for me to reuse the fallen glitter.
4. Grab your gold pedestal  I know the thought is crossing through your mind that it’s pretty the way it is but fight that urge and just think how much prettier it will look glittered.
5. Apply the modge podge as evenly as you can to the base of the cake stand. Make sure you cover the entire surface before you start glittering.
6. Shake the glitter and cover the cake stand completely and let the stand dry for at least 2 or 3 hours before moving on to step 7.
7. Apply modge podge to the to top of the cake stands and the rim. There is no need to glitter the underside of the cake stand.
8. Shake the glitter and cover the sides of the cake stand and the top completely  Let the stand dry for at least 2 to 3 hours before going to step 9.
9. Shake shake shake your cake stand and make sure you get all the extra glitter off. At this point you will most likely be covered in glitter.
10. Grab a smaller brush and start filling in the areas missing glitter with modge podge and then glitter.
11. Allow the cake stand to fully dry over night before attempting to seal in the glitter.
12. If you want the cake stand to remain ultra glittery then stop here but remember if you don’t seal the cake stand then it will continue to shed glitter everywhere. I usually recommend sealing pieces that will be used year after year. {Note: The cake stand pictured in this post is not sealed.}
13. To seal the glitter, grab your modge podge and start applying to your cake stand. Make sure you spread out so that it is a thin layer of modge podge. Although modge podge drys clear, a thick glob of modge podge will not dry clear. So spread it out. {Note: Glitter becomes less sparkly when sealed.}


Disclaimer – Be smart about what you are putting on your glitter cake stands. If it is a cookie, you might not want to do that because it is directly touching the cake stand and will be covered in glitter. If it is a cupcake then you are safe because of the cupcake wrapper.

 Happy Glittering!


BlogFete 2012 Recap

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! Just getting back into the swing of things after coming back from BlogFete 2012. It was such an amazing experience. Connecting with creative & motivating people was my absolutely favorite part! I really enjoyed listening to the speakers as they shared their experiences and knowledge and meeting the incredible group of attendees.

I just want to take a second to thank Melissa {Truly Chic Inspirations}, Carmen {The Flair Exchange} and Michele {Intrigue Design Studio}. All the hard work that these three ladies put into BlogFete was noticed. Every detail was covered – from the adorable logo cups to the afternoon cupcakes, tirimisu & box of chocolate covered oreos! You know the way to my heart is coffee + sweets. I was in heaven! But seriously, it was incredible. Thank you for creating such a warm and welcoming environment. {Note: Remembering my experience at BlogFete brings a big smile to my face}.

The speakers were beyond incredible. Each one brought a unique perspective and “dropped some knowledge on me”. Lauren Grove {Every Last Details} inspired me to “find my voice” when blogging. Bonnie Upright {Upright Public Relations} inspired me to think deep about my brand and the emotional connection that one would feel about it. Michele Pentecost {Intrigue Design Studio} shared amazing tips on blog design. Alex & Joey {The Yum Yum Truck} shared their experiences on running a local business + their delicious cupcakes! Carrie Sellman {Halfed Baked – The Cake Blog} shared what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting featured. Kori Clark {Paper & Pigtails} shared the importance of connecting and did it through beautiful visual quotes. My favorite quote: “Connect with the Like-Minded Driven Creative Focused Stylish Fun Positive”.  Last but certainly not least the wonderful emcee, Theresa Edwards-Capen {Lauren Mckinsey}. Here’s a peek at the presenters doing there thing and one of Melissa smiling:

Here’s a peek at my pictures from BlogFete 2012. Thank you again Melissa, Carmen, Michele and all the presenters & attendees.  It was a phenomenal experience and can’t wait for the next one.

I’m very motivated to share what Deliciously Darling Events is all about via this blog. I will be giving you behind-the-scene peeks into what I’m working on, my fun experiences as an event planner & event designer & stylist, what motivates and inspires me and finally how to do some of the crafty things that I do! xoxo – Dina

PS: Thank you, Thank you Melissa who took the time to take me to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World on Sunday! I had an absolute blast with her and of course I had to take a few pics :). If you are ever in Orlando and love Harry Potter, this is so the place for you!